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HappY NeW YeaR..!

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Puzzles and Piece

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As we struggle to make sense of things, life looks on in repose – Anonymous

Truly, all our lives we try to make sense of all those things which life kept hurling toward us as soon as we see hope, think that we might have finally reached very close to unravel the mystery we fall into a deeper vortex and loose ourselves again hopelessly in that void. Nothing in life ever makes sense to us …since the very beginning when the day light falling on our naive dreams pry in our fantasies to the day they do away with our mortal remains. As kids we always think of growing up .Thinking of the world beyond those four walls and garden .Imagining it as a realm which we dreamed of conquering one day .The day “When I grow up” we’d say with an innocent gleam in our eyes. 
The same gleam glinted in our tears a few years later when we realized that the world wasn’t what it seemed from the sweetness of childhood. It wasn’t the dream that we sought it was reality waiting for us .As soon as it turned its face towards us we were afraid out of our wits and knew nothing. Were left with no places to run off to. Had no embrace strong and assuring enough to hide us. And that was the moment when the life crashed like a huge jigsaw puzzle. We kept looking for the pieces and struggle to keep them together while life looked on in repose. Some went spiralling down in the labyrinth of drugs and addiction that destroyed them further. Some still try while others gave up too easily. 
It’s happiness when we find a piece, its sadness when we lose one, it’s depressing when it won’t fit no matter how badly we want it to and sometimes we just wait for that one piece that we think will complete our puzzle. Some get lucky and get it and for some it’s the eternal wait. The pieces or the people can be pretty puzzling themselves. Some people we fall in love with will not think of us in the same way. To some we won’t mean as much as they mean to us. While to others who are hopelessly in love with us we will not return anything but pain and hurt. A few will remain who they were while others won’t stop changing their shapes. 
A few of them change your life, sparkle it with happiness and gusto while others sniff away even the last remnant of joy and leave your life darkling like those dark nights you always dread. Life can be pretty sadistic too apart from being senseless at times. Like a big bully it will topple everything upside down leaving us bereaved and in those mournful moments it will introduce a new piece that will help us in setting everything right again. 
That piece either stays if you are very fortunate or leave you bereft cursing the weird game of life once again. Those are the moments that anguish you. You spend night after night thinking what went wrong, you replay that precise moment of separation over and over again trying to understand what went wrong and what was that you could have done but you didn’t?

That’s one aspect it’s for those who drive themselves into delirium because of their own emotional excessiveness. There are some practical folks out there too who concentrate on the puzzle rather than the pieces like that “bigger scene” strategy. They have one dream since the beginning and all their life they chase it. Through nth hardships, turbulence some finally make it till the end other find their way round, some having lost everything in that chase can’t feel it anymore and to something everything that they lost comes back to them in grandeur but there are some who gets disillusioned and cut their own chase down one silent night they go off the ledge, drain the poisoned chalice down their throat and bid their final adieus the irony is most of the times they give up when they are standing on the last step.

There are people who know so much about something while they have never experienced it and there are those who have been experiencing it for so long and yet are unable to explain it. People who don’t realise what they had until they lose it and people who don’t realise what they deserve until they get it. Some go around with a huge smile on their face and wrists with scars. Spreading happiness with sadness instilled deep within their heart. Some are born free with angelic wings born to fly high while there are clowns and clappers dancing for others in the sawdust ring. Living in ghettos sleeping under the moon light thinking of the cities and gleaming lights and the insomniac kings looking at the moon and heaving deep sighs. Then there are those benevolent kinds who help others while they are clueless about theirs. And then lastly there are those who look for a lonely spot from where they can see everyone solving their puzzles they write about them. They understan d a few things, unravel a few mysteries but then they can’t reach out to the world and the things that they write about …when it happens to them they simply don’t know what to with it. They fail to follow what they preach because philosophy is oblivion of practicality. 
They fall silent, they are the anonymous you read they are those pieces who do not belong to any puzzle or the jigsaw they were a part was shattered so bad that remaking it seems an impossible task. They go around like those leaves struck from the autumn scape. They travel in and out of people’s life leaving their imprints you won’t remember where they came from and you won’t notice them missing .But only thing that will matter is the evanescence touch…

Dimple Negi

University of Delhi

A reason to smile…

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It is important for me that I write today. I love you. I loved you the day I saw you for the first time and our eyes met. I loved your checked shirt and the superman tee. I loved that astonished expression and the silly spiked hair. I loved every bit of you, the day I saw you. I found love as I lost myself. But love is a complete feeling only when it’s reciprocated. You, it seems like, don’t love me.  You don’t even know me in the first place. You don’t know that I love you. You don’t know that I’d take a bullet for you. ‘Cause I’ll never say and you’ll never guess. Call me old school, but I am shy. And scared too. I want you to walk to me, shake me, yell at me and kiss me as you wipe away my tears. I want you to tell me that you love me as much as I love you. I want you to hold me tight and never let go. I want you to look straight in my eyes and confess that when our eyes met, you fe lt that same connection. You felt that magnetic pull. I want you to call me silly, and kiss my tears as I cry in joy. I want you to hold my hand as I pick my bag that had fallen when you swung me around. I want you to kiss my forehead as I bury my face in your superman tee. I want you to just be there for me.

But that ain’t happening, not your fault, you don’t know. And you never will. ‘Cause I won’t say, and you won’t guess. But that doesn’t stop me from loving you.

Love is when you want the other person to be happy even if you are not a part of their happiness. So they say. And if this is love, then I love you the most. Because your happiness is all that I pray for.  Even if it breaks my heart. Even if I have to cry. Your happiness matters more to me because if you are happy only then, I’ll smile. And so, I pray everyday that you find a reason to smile…

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai

Towards our goal…

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There is always a road between what we are and what we want to be . Its us who has to walk that road…

Aaskti Panjiyar

If Only

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O you crystal moon,
so meek and calm.
You entice me away,
with your mysterious charm.

I, a mortal piece, here
see the chained creepers of lands.
Pardon me, but with soggy eyes..
I did envy you,
the tranquility, the bliss
you are bestowed with.!!

Yes I envied you,until,
this evening,
I realized a different You…

Seeing you all the time,
Now I do ponder
So repressed and solitary
such a lone treader.!!

Lo you shiny mass
sometime, to me, do descend
For I wanna hear you
Now you don’t be reticent

A wrong tack that I was in,
I wish to know you more.
Unfolding your subtle half,
which, till now, you
have kept in store.!!

O thou,
Be kind and spend,
a brief sojourn.
I can’t just wait,
till another morn.!!

Bleed-ed and alone
you bear the bane.
I want to share
a part of your pain.!!

If only,
You consider me that worth..

Tulika Narayan

Mu Sigma Inc.

Success Follows…

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If you want to succeed in your life, remember this phrase: That past does not equal the future. Because you failed yesterday, or all day today, or a moment ago. All that matters is: What are you going to do, right now?

Niyati Arora

Every cloud has a Silver Lining…

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In the greed to find something very big we often miss to see the beauty of small things. In the hustle and bustle of our busy life, probably we have forgotten to admire the colors of beautiful and composed sunset. The sky scrapers have hidden the seven colored rainbow which we used to wonder about in our childhood days. The job, we had once dreamt of, has merely become a work. Our emotional aggregates of worries, anxiety and dejection have burdened us so much that we, perhaps, don’t recognize the kindness in the smile of a stranger. The honking streets have subdued the quiet sound of the ocean on the shore. In the rush to find a shelter and square-time meal we have, somehow, forgotten to run behind and catch the fireflies flickering in the clear night air.

A little perturbed with all these thoughts, I went to a church to calm down my soul. It was when I was sitting on a bench trying to focus on praying when a little boy came and sat next to me. Immediately after exchanging smile with me, the mentally acute boy got back to his work. He was penning down something, and I can tell you he was pretty serious on what he was up to.

Some two minutes after that his mother called him and poor fellow had to rush to answer her call. In the haste, he couldn’t notice that the piece of paper in which he was writing had fallen down. That caught my eyes and I was curious enough to know what he was actually writing so thoughtfully. 

I picked up the paper and was dumbstruck after reading it. It went as ‘Dear God.! I am a Christian, who are you?’

This question was received by me as a current throughout my body and I couldn’t resist wondering had this letter reached Him what He would have replied. Sometimes small things come in life with such great force. That was one such moment I wanted to feel the presence of God, not for a wish to be granted but to see if this question IS easy for him to reply. I was blaspheming for the way the world is chained and divided.

I was busy mulling over this when I heard some clattering at the door. That boy had hurt himself and was crying out of pain when a gentleman came to his rescue. He rose him up and offered a chocolate so that he could stop crying. But he denied the offer stating that mother had asked not to take anything from strangers. And he told bearing a smile on his face, “All are Lord’s family, so we are together.” 

The boy stared at him puzzled for some time and then started searching for something. Disappointed with not finding that thing, he turned back and came running to me. I understood what he was searching for and gave his paper back to him. He took it and scratched the question he had written. Then he turned towards me and said, “Uncle told we are all together. The word ‘human’ spells out too easily to forget.” 

He learned a word, and I learned a lesson of life. Now the sky seems pellucid and the world seems better than ever. God is everywhere and His creation is as beautiful as a heaven. Just that we forget him, but He is watching us all the time.

Tulika Narayan

Mu Sigma Inc.

In Memoriam…

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Sing me a song,

Of times long past;

When the world

Was still and not so fast.

Show me beauty,

Raw and flawed.

Through a child’s eyes,

A temple where lived God.

Bring me the rains,

And wash it away;

The facades and masks,

The thorns on my way.

Take away the night.

Let there be day,

And bright, clean sunshine;

Ask the Sun to forever stay.

But it never rained,

And the remains of the day,

With a silent dirge,

Slowly faded to grey.

Manas Misra

Blue Lily

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Here the tale of a blue lily,
Born melancholy in a happy family,
In an untimely valley,
Bearing the question of uncertainty, in the spell of a perished night.

On the set of every fresh morning,
I start crying by feeling the pain in my impending scene.
But, Elucidating my mother not to worry by the cost of a sweet smile.
Father of mine was a real hero,just a shine,
Dedicated all his pleasure & peace only for my cloth and dine.

People in my valley were rude, cruel but wealthy unfortunately,
Who never got anything in their heart for us …
Have been treating us just like nobody.

But my father is a fighter from sludge,
Never given up by this tiny buzz.
Persisting the fight alone HE taught me how to survive ?

Mother of mine was nothing but an angel ,an unfortunate queen of the valley,
turned her all blood in to milk to keep me alive,
a pious housewife……………
Entire life of blue lily will be devoted to her sacrifice…………………
But little lily has grown silly….
Has forgotten the parents’ pain imagining itself as one of the riches in the valley,
Trying to make a new world away from HER sweet divine lap,
where nobody truly cares for it.

By hearing my filthy thoughts both weeping hard to make me understand to make me stop.
I was in an evil flow never realize the real glow,
Ran behind something which was really nothing.
Didn’t understand my parents feeling…
All they just wanted a little grace ,
To drink all the pain just by a glance of my face.
Couldn’t know my real duty…
Kicked them & came here to make my life smooth and cozy.
Now feeling the pain ,
yelling merely saying…Oh maaaaa!!!! sorry for being so insane.

Still struggling in the valley of south ,
Promising to bring pride for you both.
Though have fallen hard enough several times,
But always risen up with spare wings.
The time I feel I should never meant to be here , never meant to face all these barriers,
Mother’s lap was heaven for me…why did I cultivate these fancy desires ?
Blood of my lovely father running in vain ,
Whispering in my ear again & again,
“Never give up, never go down the drain so easily,
Stay focused ,,,go and give a hard fight to this crawling innate rally,
& gift us the most beautiful palace in the valley.”

So, One day I must come back
To my house of celestial sand,
To my own holy land,
To my sweet mother,
To my lovely father,
To my family,

To the untimely valley…………………
(here blue means depressed.)

Dedicated to my parents.

Mmrityunjay Nanda

SRM University



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The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they will miss you or forget you…