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Shortly after graduation, when the strains of Pomp and Circumstance have begun to fade into the past and when I realise that its now time to work, and it is time for you to start the next phase of life; I finally began my first “real job.

“My official first day of work at WIPRO office began with a 15 minutes walk from KORAMANGLA MAIN ROAD to the WIPRO OFFICE. Its been months together, I was not used to get up early in the morning and go anywhere. Staying at my cousins house, just opposite to WIPRO office SARJAPUR, i had to travel all the way to KORAMANGLA today – this cold morning. Reporting time for me and our batch was at 7:00 am today. Dressed properly in formals, I reached KORAMANGLA at abt 6:30 am.

Lots of people were waiting outside and I too had to join them. The only person whom i knew very properly was HARISH CP, my hostel room mate, project mate, class mate, branch mate etc. He had already reached there with his parents. So many parents too were standing with their children. Some parents were from a far off place, while some were from Andhra and Tamil Nadu. A few local residents of Bangalore too had turned out, accompanying their wards or relatives.

For a second i felt that it was some first day in LKG or Class 1 with most of them wearing new dress and formals and stuff, parents waiting outside with their ‘kids” and bags in one hand..and that “eager” which existed then. Some people were standing with parents, some had already formed groups, some knew each other before and some were talking and messaging over the phone…most hopefully with the closest ones.

And there i stood watching everyone. With loads of questions and anxiety in every one’s mind, I could see a smile with eager ness in everyone. Excitement was all around. New place, new friends, new office and the most important thing…its the start of another “big chapter” in life. Being lousy by nature and attached too much with my College, tears rolled in my eyes as only today I felt that the previous chapter “COLLEGE LIFE” got over.

We all entered the WIPRO office and were asked to stand in a queue and collect temporary ID cards. We had to show our joining letter and a valid photo proof. Greeting and meeting new people in that morning cold was fun. But I should say that people are really nice and welcoming here. Hospitality was appreciable. Weather is also quite nice and cold-like thing…;-) Friendly familiar faces, unfamiliar names all around. I had spotted a small yellow butterfly dancing in between the green bushes. For a while, I stopped and admired a piece of nature that is considered as rare when one works in town. Considering all things, this wasn’t bad.

Finally i found a place to give rest to my a**, a place to sit in other words as we were asked to board a bus to head to SARJAPUR WIPRO OFFICE. We boarded a bus and reached the SARJAPUR WIPRO office, boarding that bus reminded me of going for TOURS and picnic with family and friends (kind of college tours). Within some 20 minutes, we reached SARJAPUR office. Though there were shorter ways to reach the AUDITORIUM (where our orientation was scheduled), we were taken in a longer route.( may be to show the campus).

The session started with instructions and certificate verification and stuffs at about 8:20 am. We were all sitting as if we joined school first day ( finger on the lips was missing ! ! ! ). Some four out sourced instructors were ordering and guiding us. I was so discombobulated and it was clear yet so confusing.

We were all seated in the auditorium. Process started, instructors instructed again and again. Spent most of my day, by filling up the forms (A formality on the first day…). Some PF returns, Permanent address, gratitude money, Pension etc were part of forms which we filled. Trust me I was totally “………”off on writing the same thing again and again and signing each form. Yet we had too,,cause those were “part and parcel” of “joining formalities”. The auditorium was a great one..with BOSCH speaker and cameras etc all around. It was nicely built. Hats-off to the decorator. It’s a good thing that when God created the rainbow he didn’t consult him. If so, he would still be picking the colors…hahaha…cause things were too colourful..the walls, the backdrops, pics and images outside at the lobby etc.

I could very well sense the energies emanating from within and the excitement of getting in touch with several people whom we campus-youth commonly termed as “ Corporate”. I kept on jogging my memory about the golden rules regarding the behavior that a new joiner should keep in my mind which I usually termed as “Corporatism”.Now since I have already entered into the premises, need not say this huge building of Bangalore- SARJAPUR with a world class infrastructure had already convinced the right hemisphere of my skull about the size and brand of the company. I was indeed amazed to see how only the processes not the people can run these big enterprises, with man power not more than the slaves to these processes and applications.

To tell the rest , who are keen and eager to join WIPRO soon. You got to have following… 10th and 12th 40%, UG and PG- 60 %. Passport is needed or even acknowledgement (mention of FILE number) will do. PAN CARD AND ADDRESS PROOF is a must, certificates- all semesters indidual and PROVISIONAL certificate is a must.

TEA BREAK was given and breakfast too was served by them… but only sandwich… which too all of us at that time looked great because of the “cosy” environment and as all were hungry too. Standing in queue..not longer though , we all had breakfast and came back to our seats in the auditorium. One by one went to the stage – near Dias where, they were sitting and documents were verified and xerox of all documents were submitted. Some not having xerox were given a option of photocopying in the campus itself… Wow free of cost… But trust me, its not safe to give all our original documents to them to xerox… originals might get lost anytime… Its better to get the XEROX when we come itself.

Within lunch time, all (most of us) had completed the document verification and the “messy” things had all settled. We were given lunch tokens, to have meals in the Cafeteria 1. Now searching that cafeteria itself took lot of time for us, at the campus at SARJAPUR is too big and has some seven cafeterias with seating of 5000 people at a time.

Post lunch, we came back to the same auditorium and were seated again. All was in an obligatory mode of not knowing what to do. While some were busy taking with their loved ones,,and some were chatting,,,i kind of dozed off…or may be slept totally. I has asked HARISH sitting by my side to wake me, just in case instructors had come…but when i woke up in some half an hour, he too was sleeping. All were tired as day had started at about 5:30 am for all of us and the food, AC room etc had all contributed to the sleep. Some were listening to songs wearing their headsets, a few were putting their phone on charge, but most of them to me seemed sleepy.

Most of us were going out, drinking water…bathroom…etc…..not knowing what to do and how to pass the remaining time. Some girls were busy as usual in their “girly gossips” and guys too were forming groups and taking. Some had glued their eyes to the insructor and did not know what to do…things looked fascinating. Giggles and gossips here and there…some were teased and some were teasing… Instructors themselves were not knowing what had to be done after that , as the concerned HR person did not turn out today.

It was tea time again, COOKIES and GOODDAY biscuits- that nuts flavour was served (as always it happens in INDIA- more demand and less supply). Early birds got everything and the late comers were a bit unlucky. It was more of a “BRAKE” than a “BREAK”( clauses to be noted plz.).

We were then seated again, as instructions were given for reporting in ELCTRONIC CITY WIPRO on monday along with “free’ bus service and bus route details etc. Details of real estate agents too were provided. We were all to leave, when the security came and instructed us to be seated again. After some ten minutes, the instructors came just to tell that buses were ready to drop us back in the KORAMANGLA office. My house being just opposite to SARJAPUR office, i walked home with these memories.

Now..lets see..!

We were totally exhaused it was almost 7 PM and just reached home by 7.10 PM fully drenched and finally thought MAN WHAT A LIFE I HAVE CHOSEN !!!!

With loads of hope on the company I choose WIPRO and hope it grows big..and also contributes to my growth…..

Guru Kumaraguru Loganathan


  1. vishal says:

    How’s life going now????

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