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Posted: December 15, 2011 by Ankur in Writes...
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How I wonder our lifestyle scurrying so fast as we abode with everyday technologies. This had made our need to everything instant and crack. Thus, food being one of the compulsions to survive has to be of the same kind. So we mostly cross over to junk foods rather than time-consuming home-made food or to be more accurate after going away from home we go scarce of home-made food and due to shedload of work we usually ignore. But, as we know, food being one of the compulsions for survival we often have it during extreme hunger and that to again instant and stomach-filling ‘junk food.’

Well my story is sort of different as I don’t go for junkies nor am I away from city hustle-bustle. It may sound odious to you, but it’s true. To be frank, I was a die-hard junk-lover in my olden days. But, eventually this love for junks were trampled to death due to some fine circumstances. Life of a teenager has never been easy as we learn and make mistakes simultaneously. There’s no time to think. I was as stubborn as a bull so, always held a conviction of being correct every time. Adding on to it, the intense pressure was clouded around, of passing the 12th exams and getting through to a reputed college. This bull-behavior and rigorous pressure made me drown in chaos. Unable to handle such palsies of life, I lost my eating balance by skipping food regularly and making my digestive system falter. Months skidded by as my sufferings doubled and I started bearing miserable acidity in my stomach. Whatever I ate caused a terrible cuss! Then, I went for medic ation. All my favorite junkies and spicy foods took an abrupt halt to my taste buds. And whenever I tried taking them, they were frowned off from my body snottily. Though this phase was an end to junkies, it was a scintillating start to my new nutritious life. Thanks to Ayurveda which helped me put right my ill system but only for healthy foods. 

Since then I adhere to my diet. No matter how hectic the schedule runs, I never compromise with my diet timings albeit I’m at a risk of messing with something else. It seems tricky to manage healthy diets but, ‘where there is will, there is surely a way to it’. In return, I’m enjoying a healthy life with no regrets. Today when I fancy those goofy days, I beam at myself and conclude ‘Time knows how to change things for better; we just need to be resilient and keen enough to learn from our mistakes ’…

Evanjelina Sanjana

National Institue of Fashion Technology, Mumbai

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