Posted: December 23, 2011 by Ankur in Writes...
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We are wild, we are young
Humming a tune yet unsung…

We shout, we scream
Yet with sparkling eyes we dream….

We laugh, we cry
We whole heartedly give impossible a try…

We are new, we start trends
We don’t think twice to give life for friends

We know no limits, we know no bounds
We stand by truth however harsh it may sound….

We are full of zest, we are full of adamance
Yet our spirits evince an air of pristine innocence…

We work hard, we party harder
We may be nasty soon, we regret faster…

We are juvenile, we are bloody cool
In matters of mind, our hearts rule…

We don’t claim to be right,we don’t claim to be wrong
In the darkest times ,we keep our belief strong…

We might curse, we sure forgive
We just don’t SURVIVE, we LIVE…


Garvita Manwani

Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College,Ghaziabad


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