Its all about getting SIGNALS…

Posted: December 24, 2011 by Ankur in Writes...
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Love… The most beautiful yet the most painful thing that happens to one. It happens on its own .we don’t even come to know when it starts. You don’t even realize and your life is changed .for good or for worse dats the latter part. The fact lies here is that u have no control over the things that happen.sometimes u just keep wondering and fantacising about ur dream man (p.s.-all the girls must have admired or dreamt of thier prince charming ,they being in their perfect ballgroom dress and he in a tuxedo or whatsoever), but u never get a chance to do so. Coz u never knoe when he enters ur lyf, it might be when u r in ur ill fitted T-shirt and sneakers or doing the craziest thing on earth without realising that u r being noticed by the man of ur to recognise him is the main question that looms before us!!

What will heaven’s bells start ringing when he comes or will he send some signal (as signal is sent in economics to solve the problem of asymmetric information with one person knowing more than the other,perhaps this shows the writer has had quite a good amt of dose of economics), well not drifting apart, life isn’t a srk flick or a typical ‘Chetan Bhagat’ novel where everything will come to happy ending, where the blue sky will automatically start giving signalz of its own, where even a hard rock floor will get slippery making the heroine fall straight away into hero’s arms and yup how can we forget the background music without which the scene can never be complete…

Where no matter how many twists and turns may be but hero will at last come back to heroine. But all of this is just fictional. Reality isn’t the same it never rains when u want to, we never land up in his arms coincidentally. However hard we may try, well in some unfortunate cases two people living together for such a long time don’t even come to know when they start loving each other; sometimes its just a matter of seconds to realize dat he is the chosen one bt sometimes it takes years…

But isn’t the other person supposed to wait or at least give the other person a second chance rather than ridiculing her in public or making her an object of public mockery. I fail to understand how can it be possible when the person whom you loved so much just become the person whom you abuse in front of your friends and who you insult in public. Although the person is wrong or maybe slow enough to get the so called signal but dat doesn’t imply u can go on n just… I wish life was a movie where at least u were certain that the hero n heroine will reconcile at d end where the heroine wouldn’t have to live in fear of never being able to find her hero!!!

PA 😀

  1. Dimple Negi says:

    loved it … 🙂 🙂

  2. priyanka says:

    just love it!!

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