Posted: December 25, 2011 by Ankur in Writes...
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Every night I shut my eyes…
To the sweet rhythm of your sighs
on the other side 
of the phone..
Miles away from me
yet so close…
I refuse to open my eyes
Even after the sunlight pours in my room
because it’s your voice am addicted to 
Which freshen my day like the morning dew..
I talk a lot 
yes I do…
But then it’s only about you
And when you you stop talking , get angry
A silence falls over me
and all of a sudden my words seem so few
I love fighting with you
But it’s actually not the fight
it’s the distance that recedes 
every time I make it up to you
My love for you is eternal
and it will be
I might not say it time again
but i will love you
and still beg god 
for one more day…

Dimple Negi


Sri Venkateswara College

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