Every cloud has a Silver Lining…

Posted: December 29, 2011 by Ankur in Writes...
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In the greed to find something very big we often miss to see the beauty of small things. In the hustle and bustle of our busy life, probably we have forgotten to admire the colors of beautiful and composed sunset. The sky scrapers have hidden the seven colored rainbow which we used to wonder about in our childhood days. The job, we had once dreamt of, has merely become a work. Our emotional aggregates of worries, anxiety and dejection have burdened us so much that we, perhaps, don’t recognize the kindness in the smile of a stranger. The honking streets have subdued the quiet sound of the ocean on the shore. In the rush to find a shelter and square-time meal we have, somehow, forgotten to run behind and catch the fireflies flickering in the clear night air.

A little perturbed with all these thoughts, I went to a church to calm down my soul. It was when I was sitting on a bench trying to focus on praying when a little boy came and sat next to me. Immediately after exchanging smile with me, the mentally acute boy got back to his work. He was penning down something, and I can tell you he was pretty serious on what he was up to.

Some two minutes after that his mother called him and poor fellow had to rush to answer her call. In the haste, he couldn’t notice that the piece of paper in which he was writing had fallen down. That caught my eyes and I was curious enough to know what he was actually writing so thoughtfully. 

I picked up the paper and was dumbstruck after reading it. It went as ‘Dear God.! I am a Christian, who are you?’

This question was received by me as a current throughout my body and I couldn’t resist wondering had this letter reached Him what He would have replied. Sometimes small things come in life with such great force. That was one such moment I wanted to feel the presence of God, not for a wish to be granted but to see if this question IS easy for him to reply. I was blaspheming for the way the world is chained and divided.

I was busy mulling over this when I heard some clattering at the door. That boy had hurt himself and was crying out of pain when a gentleman came to his rescue. He rose him up and offered a chocolate so that he could stop crying. But he denied the offer stating that mother had asked not to take anything from strangers. And he told bearing a smile on his face, “All are Lord’s family, so we are together.” 

The boy stared at him puzzled for some time and then started searching for something. Disappointed with not finding that thing, he turned back and came running to me. I understood what he was searching for and gave his paper back to him. He took it and scratched the question he had written. Then he turned towards me and said, “Uncle told we are all together. The word ‘human’ spells out too easily to forget.” 

He learned a word, and I learned a lesson of life. Now the sky seems pellucid and the world seems better than ever. God is everywhere and His creation is as beautiful as a heaven. Just that we forget him, but He is watching us all the time.

Tulika Narayan


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