Let me take you into the DARK!!!

Posted: January 17, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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When it starts to pain
to keep up that smile
after you have chased something
miles after miles…..

When those pieces of eroded sins
pierces you from within
every now and then…

I say cut the chase
and let it flow
let yourself bleed
but make sure its slow…

You know that room
an empty dark space
hiding behind that cheery facade…

For so long its been calling for you
Go there! and surrender……

Let the darkness creep 
on your insides
shut all the windows…

So that no false ray 
can you give you all 
those false hopes

of someone waiting 
for you at the bend
Surrender! because dark is true and real
And the only trustworthy friend…

Dimple Negi

Delhi University

  1. Aashi says:

    Awesme gal..!!

  2. Dimple Negi says:

    aww thnx ashi 😉

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