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Posted: January 18, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

I define a job prospect as an expectation of a person availing a job or the likelihood of a person obtaining a desired position. This attainment could be subjected to abilities and qualifications of the individual and the possibility of any specific job being available. A healthy heart and a decent job are the prerequisites of any common man. There has been a tremendous growth in the employment market of India. With an increase in population, India has seen a growth not only in employment seats but also opportunities. Says my friend who is an engineer in Instrumentation, “Gone are those days when only Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering were the only opted branches for the course. Many other courses are going great guns. And students are taking up this course more out of passion. It’s no more a Hobson’s choice. To expand the horizon of thinking and to make the career journey truly memorable, opportunities are plenty.Recalls a colleague of mine who is specialized in Nephrology, ” There was a time when only the conventional doctors like physicians and surgeons were given a code of respect. But now, fields like Pharma, microbiology and research are also considered at par.

With the advent of a new year 2012, the Indian economy has recovered to a great extent from financial crisis kudos to the country’s thriving service industry wherein information technology and software domains have taken a giant leap in the market. The young generation seems pretty satisfied with the private sector work and life. So as of now, a wide number of vacancies exist across various sectors viz a viz, IT, banking, government, telecom, postal, journalism, engineering, medical, biotechnology, automobile, law, management, analytic, the list continues. Whereas Goliath companies like Navratnas always keep their arms open for meritorious and deserving employees, private companies like Wipro, Infosys, Hindalco, Mu Sigma give new opportunities to the enthusiasts.

Higher qualified degrees like M.Tech., MS, MD, MBA are the added feathers in the cap. Not only these degrees polish the chances of reaching heights in career, but also improve chances of getting handy with current work. There has been a radical shift in the demand in industries like textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, transportation, cement, machinery, pharmaceuticals, energy, clothing…

Opportunities are plenty and omnipresent. From content writing to sports, from archaeology to interior decoration, all required is to stand up and claim for it.

Tulika Narayan

Mu Sigma

  1. vishal says:

    How’s life going now????

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