Posted: January 22, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

We were all lazing around for a few weeks. Going to classes and waiting for our new teacher to come. The previous one resigned and the entire school was clueless and happy but we were sure and proud that the reason was our batch.So the fourth period assigned to him was our lazing around period.No one actually enjoyed being taught music by a musically frustrated professor anyway. Enjoying the last few days of our schools,clicking pictures,planning for future,signing slambooks and totally sanguine.And then something struck. 
Firday the 13th lucky,unlucky but it is still etched in my memory even after 5 years just as fresh as the morning dew.Desks aren’t meant to sit on neither the chairs are meant for keeping our shoes but its a careless phase and so that is how we were all sitting. A young dashing guy with a case strapped firmly on his back, dishevelled hair falling on his deeper than the pacific eyes and a breathtaking smile crossing his face glided into the classroom like an enchanter ( No am not exaggerating!!).

We were simply stunned to react leave alone getting off the tables and say good morning.”Simmer down!’ He said in his liquescent voice dipped in tipple.I swear i was blitzed.

In that bewitched state we looked at him as he carefully took out his violin and played Tchaikovsky second movement. I don’t even familarize with the M in music but that one period those 55 minutes we were all beguiled and realized how deep and mystifying music can be.

That was the first and last class we had with him. We passed out in a week.5 years later when I went back to look for him i got to know he no longer teaches there infact no one knows where he is.I have tried my level best to track him down but I guess he is lost just like we were in his recital that day.

Delhi University

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