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One more thing…

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Every day just do one thing which you don’t want to , but doing that will take you closer to your goal .

Aaskti Panjiyar

Birla Institute Of Technology , Mesra (Patna Ext Center)

~Ode to Love~

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The time is passing, every moment is going by,
but i haven’t moved on yet,
The days have zoomed past,
but all that I feel is the pain piercing through my heart,
every minute, every second.

I asked you for love,
love is all that I asked for,
But you denied, like I asked you for the stars.
I gave my everything for this,
I lost my loved ones, myself for you,
But all you gave me was a dirty past,
that left me aghast.

I have nothing left to myself,
My love for you consumed me,
It punished me and ruined me,
But you walk hand-in-hand,
with someone else to show me.

I still didn’t give up on you,
because a part of me is obssessed with you,
I can bear any pain in this world for you,
the pain of separation is too much,
I cannot bear that,
not even for you.

To think i might not see those eyes,
makes it so hard not to cry,
And when we say our old goodbyes,
they hold me back and i have to lie.

Lie to myself,
lie to the world,
about hating you, not loving you,
but it’s you who knows,
what reality, it is that I hide.

I know I will never get you,
When are true things ever rewarded?
but I will never stop loving you.

You hold on to that someone,
while I find my own way,
someday u will realise that,
what u lost was more precious than you thought.

I will eventually give in,
will fall prey to this unbearable feeling,
but i will never stop loving you,
this unconditional love has a meaning…

Poornima Thakur

VIT university, Vellore


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Yes, you are a normal person if you think that Red-Light areas are associated with the sex industry and sex oriented business (shops, clubs etc). But for a normally irritated person like me, would immediately and definitely associate the ‘red light’ to that stupid little thing that keeps blinking on your once-upon-a-time-precious blackberry !

Its that red light. Its flashing again. OoOOoOooo. What could that be!? A new text message. Naaah. Too old fashioned. Probably someone commented on my photo on facebook. Wait. Did sachin tendulkar jus re-tweet me! Or it was a mail. Wait up again. Which one. I got 6 accounts set. Mail for friends. Mail for family. Mail for business. Mail for friends in business. Mail for family in business. Mail for common family and friends. Which one do I check !? Orrrr that could be a ping. Did someone say ping. Omg. The addicted dude next to me just had an orgasm. ‘Ping me’ is the latest IN thing, I guess. ANNOYING.

What is that one thing I can’t do with my phone…ummm….I don’t know..probably can’t eat it. That’s it. Everything else it can do it. And that’s annoying. Every single thing is easily doable. Wait. Is that even a word. Need to check up the dictionary. Voila. Got that one here too.

You know why that beeping light on your blackberry is red. Signifies danger alright. True. There’s more to that. Its irresistible. Colour of the apple. Not the steve jobs apple. The apple apple. As in the forbidden fruit. Adam and eve could resist it. Coz it was red in colour. They made it blink red not for no reason. And since basically we are what we could affirmatively say, somewhat a descendent from the adam-eve family, we got it in our blood. Can’t help it.

You know how they say ‘As a teenager you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you.’ How very true. I turned 21 sometime back and m glad I did that. People tell me you are a kid. Kid is fine. Not a teenager. 😉 I was talking to this teen in his 1st year of engineering regarding a very important project. Though he ‘sound’ very interested in it, he kept checking his phone every few minutes. Trust me, I could see there was nothing exceptional happening in his phone. But he kept doing that. Dude. Seriously. Stop checking that thing out. Its not like you are expecting the prime minister to ‘ping’ you any moment now to apologize for the sorry state of the country. Put faith in me when I say this. Smart phones are the latest invention in rudeness. 

Food for thought: Did you know that the bathtub was invented in 1850 and the telephone in 1875. In other words, if you had been living in 1850, you could have sat in the bathtub for 25 years without having to answer the phone. That would have been so awesome.

And am not a sadist or loneliest or whatever you call that guy who wants to be alone. I am not that. But just the current state of extremism in case of phones annoys me. Remember that dialogue in the movie Valentine’s day “My closest relationship is with my Blackberry, Thank God it vibrates!” LOL. Yeah. That’s what m talking about.

An english poet in the 18th century, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, once said “Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes – The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.” Just read it once again with reference to the 21st century. You might get what m trying to say 🙂

Nilay Parikh

VIT University


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If there’s one angel I want to see
So beautiful so true..
One smile that make’s a difference.
its owned just by you.
What I see in front of me
Is a painting of our love

But there are obstacles in my line of view.
Obstacles sent from above.
I think i will flee away from this planet soon
And hide from the world of pain in the lunar phase of moon.
But, there’s one thing i need before I float in the blue.
I need a sky partner and i want it to be you.

We will sleep in the stars at midnight in our special place.
I will dry you with a comet’s tail and kiss your sparkling face.

We will fulfill our dreams every possible day.
Every night Your smile will be my milky way..
We will hold each other n sail above the heaven’s height.
Nothing can diminish our love’s everlasting light.

Sun will shine on us,glowing unconditionally on our devotion
Warming our soul in love’s universally vast ocean.
We will sleep with clouds as pillows and maybe steal an angel’s wing.
Then fly as magical love birds or slide round Saturn’s ring.
We will hook onto a meteor and soar across the sky.

Will u agree to be my mate on our celestial ship
I am ready’heart packed with love,to last us for the trip
Take my hand and step abroad, we will head towards the sun.
we’ll fly all our the universe till all the obstacles become none.
Till we can freely call us..’One’

VIT University Vellore

Come Share Your Stories…

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Girl – Yo sup man? 
Guy- Not much dude you? 
Girl- Doing great but those stupid girly people are giving me crap again 
Guy- That sucks man!!!

Long time ago, in the last decade, I knew of a young girl who would rather be playing football in the rain than be out shopping and boy hunting, hanged out with boys, didn’t care about what other people think of her, nor did she judge others for the way they were, very sporty, and did not follow the latest fashion trends, did not make fun of what most people would call ” nerds ” or ” geeks “, and in fact befriended them most of the time.

She was a girl who would pick digging up worms and climbed tree in her backyard rather than going shopping at a mall. She used to hang out and get along with boys rather than fellow girls. She was boystrous and used to have a lot of fun. She didn’t care what to wear for the day, usually wore jeans, pants and baggy clothes without any pink or feminine colours on it. She would prefer gaming over make-up or jewellery, sports over shopping, tennis shoes over high-heeled or ‘cute’ shoes, wear baseball caps rather than hats on her scraggly hair. She was a lot better than girly people, she was for sure strong, could actually fight, was into sports, she acted like boys and that made life much easier. She would roll in mud rather than nail polish any day and when it comes to popularity, didn’t use words like, OMG, totally, and IM talk at all, didn’t take ages to get ready for anything, the best kind of feeling being on earth.

Her behaviour was free from the restriction of unwritten societal gender rules. She was a tomboy by instinct and choice. She was intolerant of bullies and tended to step in to balance uneven situations, warrior-like in an honourable way.

But despite all of the above qualities she had a best friend too. They were like Miss Independent and Miss Romantic. You might have guessed by now who was the best friend. I always use to say “I like boys on skateboards and girls on swings.” And every time she used to say the same thing, “Let’s climb the trees, it’s better than going to and fro in the air.” We have spent the most beautiful and wondrous moments of our lives together but I always wished something more like GIRL for her.

Will ever a day would come,

When others opinions will start to matter, when she will finally understand the difference between a kajal and mascara, when her tennis shoes will spend more time in the shoe shelf. I really wish she dumps her t-shirts in the garbage and shops for halter necks. A day will definitely come when traditional dress will be something more than “kurti” and jeans, when she will turn to “Femina” magazine before the sports section of the newspaper, when she will ask me for advice on lip gloss, when “If you go away” will come before “Burning in hell ” on her playlist.

I can’t wait for the day when she will want to look beautiful and will make conscious efforts for it, when she will buy those uncomfortable heels rather than trustworthy floaters, when she will take interest in the kitchen, when she will miss her train because her hair didn’t turn the way she wanted them to, when she no longer will mock at girls who take hours to get ready. In her life a time will come when she will start flirting with her flinches, when she will feel it is “ok” to cry in front of everyone, when the first word that will come to her mind about boyfriend is not “YUCK!!!”.

P.S.: dedicated to the most wonderful friend I have ever met. I love her and she is my best friend forever…

Monalisa Sethi

My Motivation…

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People vary, their interests vary, they tend to do different things, they to behave differently to situations, live life according to their desires, make most/least out of it but mine was to look after others with self imitation. My life has been ambiguous all through the years before I met a person who changed my life and deprecated my past & made me kind of normal .

It should begin with my childhood days. A kid brought up in joint family, I was never a pampered one. From the starting itself I had a streak of working independently, stand alone in crowds, and work against all odds. My dad has always been living away from home owing to his job, which in turn inspired me to work independently so that my mom could at least be carefree from my front. I had personality problems with people, not because I found myself superior or inferior to them but because I could not gel up well with owing to their mode of working or behaving. I used to retain a sense of morality and respect with whatever I did or participated in. This was due to immense peak pressure from my family side. They were bit too prone to values and ethics, which in turn turned me into a believer. As with everyone, my school days had a flavour of both ups & downs. I did not make many friends in school though, which is quite not obvious.

As I grew up, my spirituality factor too heightened. However, spirituality I believed has been violating forms of society. For me sitting in churches, gurudwaras,temples etc., wont serve any purpose until and unless you are adhering to the teachings of God. For greatest worship is worshipping mankind. Lately, when my sense of realizing and thinking diversified I found a similar kind of story in each house. I saw people dragging out their parents from their house just because their spectacle cost has risen. I ask people, Is this believe you possess or are these the teachings which our temple gave? I found a kind of relation, the more frequent the person is to temples ;more are his agonies towards others (specially parents). I also found that I cannot generalise the things so easily as there are some people who are working for the cause of mankind and are spiritual enough.

Even the largest contributors towards mankind are the people who firmly believed on God. Believe is another factor on which I ponder. A belief is a sense of understanding which should be backed up by personal practical experiences and actions. My mind went in dilemma; I could not concentrate on anything and screwed my exams. However, after clearing my +2 , I secured admission in a good Tech-School. My bitterness for understanding peace and spirituality did not end here. I behaved in college as I did school, ignorant to people around me. A factor which significantly changed my life is my love life. I met a girl who had clear cut intentions and crystal clear ideas towards life. For here for question doesn’t expect an answer. Every misery in this world is not because of what is happening around us. Every pain we see around can be eliminated by a bit change which we should initiate. Group incidences changed me. I started being normal, pondering less, and working towards my focus.

There has been another aspect of my life. I have never been extraordinary in anything. I was termed all along my school and college life as “Jack of all trades, but master of none”. Even though people who knew me , valued me. I always got deserving praise. People use to get inspired by the facts I used to barge on them during free times. I have been making time tables for my college and school friends, I was considered best at it (However I myself never followed it . This has been my life all through, much in and much out, there is much left to be done, to be explained and to be lived…

Bhaskar H. Narula

Messy Mess

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Once an angel granted me a wish.
I was offed a
A kingdom of wisdom and A palace of gold
And all the fancies my mind can hold?”

With empty stomach and
blowing nose.
just begged for a simple desire.
The angel, anxiously staring at me, ask it’s reason politely.
Taking off my shirt, I stood over a table and screamed…

Hell yeah! I have to deal with the worst food combination…
A combination, more painful to stand than any beiber song.
Idli with daal, egg without salt, rice and salty water(they call it sambar) and so..on!
I may seem to act terrible, mean and vicious…

But cakes without icing breaks my heart.
Ice cold samosa, and hot juices catalyze my anger.
Burger with a microscopic level potato inside makes me cry and scream.
It feels like the butter chicken and biryani are just in my dream..

The worlds knows that a love break up hurts..
But the pain of reaching the mess at 2:31 PM, a minute after it officially closes is unbearable, intolerable and unspeakable.…
I am happy to die a virgin, happy to live without a chick but I can’t stand a glass of milk without sugar…
Oh sorry! Sugar is available but with flies sitting over it :/

I aspire and i die for the yummy flesh over the chicken, Never ceasing to amuse.
I love it’s funny wrinkles
And the crunch way it chews.
But Until then:

Morning : Maggie, 
afternoon: Maggie,
Evening: Maggie,
Night: Maggie 
Dreams: Maggie 
Next morning: Maggie
Next afternoon: Maggie
Maggie forever.

Nikhil Chandwani
VIT University, Vellore


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Everyone is self-centered . It’s just that the radius changes…

Aaskti Panjiyar

Birla Institute Of Technology , Mesra (Patna Ext Center)

What happens in Delhi University..?

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100% cut offs, annual fests, excellent pay packages – these are the most famous ingredients of Delhi University. What is unknown or even known but often ignored are facts like increasing crime rates in the university campus, so much politics in DUSU elections, lax rules and regulations, poor infrastructure and the list goes on. Students view DU’s life as so much happening that all its downsides just blur out of their vision.

The infrastructure of most of the colleges remains to be in a dilapidated condition despite the government funding. Students have to literally fight each other to get through the cut offs and reach here. And this situation is worsening each year. The admission process itself is very cumbersome. Students have to stand for hours just to get the admission form. Getting admission here is a real ordeal. The DUSU elections are popular nationwide as they bring out the future politicians and leaders of India. But only a few people know what happens behind the curtains. The politics and violence involved in these elections discourages the aspiring candidates. Most students don’t stand for elections simply because they are too scared to do so and those who think about it are told to keep mum and put the thought away.

Despite of the fact that police officials and constables have been posted all around in the University campus, there are incidents of cell phones and other valuable belongings being snatched away from the hand of the students by certain bikers in the campus. FIRs have been lodged but little help came out of it. There is a lot the students can do to help the situation and where they can’t , they can persuade the college authorities as well as the government to do so. The students can unite and ask their college authorities to improve the infrastructure. The government should regulate the procedure of DUSU elections. The students can form an NGO dedicated specifically to solve these problems. There is a little an individual can do himself, but the students together can make a huge difference…

Ishita Bansal