An Ode To A Rainbow…

Posted: February 10, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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The smell of raindrops reminds me the gift of the sun.
The gift of an array of emotions,
and there’s a color for each one.
This present of God’s promise, cheers me up when I feel low.
Indeed, I am writing about the love of rainbow.

It dances all along the clear skies.
It has the power of love To naturally Hypnotize.
It’s the bond of seven legends, always ready to spread its lovely hold.
This love is portrayed with the clarity of fine crystalline folds.

The rainbow also represents an arch, somewhat round.
Displaying that the journey up, is as equal in it’s splendor as the way down…
Demonstrating both, the hills and the valleys of life.
These colorful angels has the ability to eliminate the worldly strive.

These colors are all around, in our heart and even inside our head.
Without voice, we can point to it’s beauty…

For, heat a rock, and that is red..
Look above in twilight, the beauty is light blue..
Feel the sunshine on your face, and know yellow, that’s true.

Close your eyes and you will hear, see, smell, and taste,
The spectrum of its emotions…

The varieties of humanity..and the singularity of you.
For collectively, we are in the rainbow…

Because inside each and everyone of us,
exists a rainbow, too…
It’s the sparkle in your eyes.
It’s the garden in your eternal skies.
Look inside your soul, colors are running for miles and miles.
Feel it’s presence and you will enjoy the joyous reunion with the spirits of smiles…

Nikhil Chandwani

VIT University, Vellore

  1. Hoe says:

    We have a rainbow in the sky on Chinese New Year’s eve. The newspaper terms it as an auspicious sign for the country. Your poem just reminds me of that rainbow.

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