What happens in Delhi University..?

Posted: February 23, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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100% cut offs, annual fests, excellent pay packages – these are the most famous ingredients of Delhi University. What is unknown or even known but often ignored are facts like increasing crime rates in the university campus, so much politics in DUSU elections, lax rules and regulations, poor infrastructure and the list goes on. Students view DU’s life as so much happening that all its downsides just blur out of their vision.

The infrastructure of most of the colleges remains to be in a dilapidated condition despite the government funding. Students have to literally fight each other to get through the cut offs and reach here. And this situation is worsening each year. The admission process itself is very cumbersome. Students have to stand for hours just to get the admission form. Getting admission here is a real ordeal. The DUSU elections are popular nationwide as they bring out the future politicians and leaders of India. But only a few people know what happens behind the curtains. The politics and violence involved in these elections discourages the aspiring candidates. Most students don’t stand for elections simply because they are too scared to do so and those who think about it are told to keep mum and put the thought away.

Despite of the fact that police officials and constables have been posted all around in the University campus, there are incidents of cell phones and other valuable belongings being snatched away from the hand of the students by certain bikers in the campus. FIRs have been lodged but little help came out of it. There is a lot the students can do to help the situation and where they can’t , they can persuade the college authorities as well as the government to do so. The students can unite and ask their college authorities to improve the infrastructure. The government should regulate the procedure of DUSU elections. The students can form an NGO dedicated specifically to solve these problems. There is a little an individual can do himself, but the students together can make a huge difference…

Ishita Bansal

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