~Ode to Love~

Posted: February 29, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

The time is passing, every moment is going by,
but i haven’t moved on yet,
The days have zoomed past,
but all that I feel is the pain piercing through my heart,
every minute, every second.

I asked you for love,
love is all that I asked for,
But you denied, like I asked you for the stars.
I gave my everything for this,
I lost my loved ones, myself for you,
But all you gave me was a dirty past,
that left me aghast.

I have nothing left to myself,
My love for you consumed me,
It punished me and ruined me,
But you walk hand-in-hand,
with someone else to show me.

I still didn’t give up on you,
because a part of me is obssessed with you,
I can bear any pain in this world for you,
the pain of separation is too much,
I cannot bear that,
not even for you.

To think i might not see those eyes,
makes it so hard not to cry,
And when we say our old goodbyes,
they hold me back and i have to lie.

Lie to myself,
lie to the world,
about hating you, not loving you,
but it’s you who knows,
what reality, it is that I hide.

I know I will never get you,
When are true things ever rewarded?
but I will never stop loving you.

You hold on to that someone,
while I find my own way,
someday u will realise that,
what u lost was more precious than you thought.

I will eventually give in,
will fall prey to this unbearable feeling,
but i will never stop loving you,
this unconditional love has a meaning…

Poornima Thakur

VIT university, Vellore


  1. Nirakar Neo says:

    Looks like the bug has bitten you.
    Nicely written…has smooth flow!

  2. Shruti Suman says:

    heart felt and heart touched!

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