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My night darkles…

Posted: February 22, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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The demi-jour and the vortex
Subsequent thought and the dreg
drove me into a void…

The cadaverous milieu
Forsaken by the sane
I sought solace in delirium…

Banished by the high noon
Even the night seems to darkle
my gaunt aliveness
Is a glee and surprisal to some…

Life’s renouncement is hard to come by
And happiness appears unattainable
alas! The first light
Brings nothing to me but darkness…

Dimple Negi

Delhi University

Confesión of Boarding Indian Railways…!!!

Posted: February 21, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

(New Delhi to Bangalore, 12628, 23-26 November 2011)

It was sometime in 1994, that I first boarded a train from Patna to New Delhi, of course I was with parents,, my age didn’t allow running away with someone else…

Anyways,, that was heaven of a journey,, journey amidst drizzle, un-crowded bogies and of course clean toilets…

It was feeling of something elite,, not because I was unaware of the AC coaches,, I was not aware of the general either… But becauuuuuuse ,, just bcoz..!!!

17 years down the line,, of course there was umpteen number of railway torture in between,, I can feel the irony in the railway tagline : “HAPPY JOURNEY” && “INCONVINIENCE IS DEEPLY REGRETED”,, I still wonder how deep the feelings of an electronic voice can be..


But for the first time, with the train 12 hours late(when the reports last came in), with all the time in the world,, I feel an urge to pen down something in remembrance of the railway minister, whose name I don’t know…

Anyways,, it all started with “YATRIGAN KRIPYA DHYAAN DE… blah.. blah.. blah… 3 GHANTE DERI SE CHAL RHI HAI” and then “AAPKO HUI ASUVIDHA K LIE HUME KHED HAI”…

Apology accepted…!!!

But what followed, forced me to un-accept that digital apology…

I guess that was a general bogie,, I don’t know, why it was named like that in a country whose constitution at the very outset says : “SABHI NAGRIK SAMAN HAIN”..

Few additional bukks categorized the people???..!!!

Wait.. wait.. wait… it was not about the coach they boarded but the way they were treated…

A policeman with a danda guarding the gate that had a queue… I am 200%% sure they were not cattles,, shashi tharoor might well disagree.!!!

But a queue was a more disciplined approach than the adjacent bogies, where people paid more to get un-humane : abusing, pushing , pulling each other for a place that is reserved for them… And haaan,, mind you, there were no police there…

Well, I was yet again reminded of the unethicity of the money,, BIG BOSS tops the list…


I too got in, but not before the door deserted the look of the calmness after the stampede only to find the stampede being relocated to the compartment, this time for the placement of the luggage..

I just had my shoulder bag,, so I was safe…

Oh, mind you,, there was no déjà vu in it.!!!

Well, by this time it was already 1:00 AM, but I preferred a page out of “INSIDE STEVE’S BRAIN” only to find nothing was getting into mine.. so I decided to call it a day…

Well the next day began sometime around 4 PM,, but not before one of the co-traveller(description follows) inquired : “BHAI NAASHTA NAHI KAROGE??” somewhere around 11,, of course unknown of the fact that while on journey I don’t consume any eateries that requires a physical contact with my hand… 

“ APNE KAR LIA ?? BAHUT KHOOB !!! ” I was off…

The same person, “ BHAI KHANA NAHI KHAOGE ??” at around 2,, (oye dimagh ki dahi,,, I thought ) and was off yet again…

When got up, there was something missing from the air.. wo awaaz jisse sari train goonjti thi was missing,, there was NO “cha – cha – cha –chai – dip cha – dip chai”…


But what followed was nothing less than a railway disaster..

Pantry car for a 41 hrs journey(12 hours delay excluded) wore a deserted look,, and so was the water tank of the bogies…

Train is late echoed my ears, followed by the corruption(anna) talk, abuse to the government, blah.. blah.. blah… I reminded myself – every individual is a chalta phirta governance…

Oh sorry,, I forgot my co-travelers : one was batauni(the food alarm clock), one sutauni, one pakauni,, and of course Myself.. Others seem to be illogically normal…

With multilingual snoring, that were producing sort of resonance,, it was hell of a journey to witness..

With the clock ticking 3:30 AM, after sacrificing 3 days of my life,, I forced my way out of the train after marathon 56 hours of journey… After all INDIAN RAILWAYS can only wish you “ A HAPPY, SAFE AND COMFORTABLE JOURNEY ”.. The train was 15 hours late…

With a glimpse of dizziness ,, sleep in the eyes,, tiring body but an undeterred soul,, the real motto was yet not done : I had to rush to the examination center in couple of hours…

And haan, to remind you all,, in the 3rd decade of my life, this journey was sans parents…

But,, this time again, without that someone…

Destiny,, as I see to it…!!!

Faiz Akram

You Are A Deluding Dream

Posted: February 20, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Liquescent voice
Soused in tipple
Grimly intoxicating…

A figment of imagination
A distant memory
Perhaps a hallucination…

Blitzed like a shooting star
Wish upon you
Never let you go far…

Rescued from the waging stream
Can’t be genuine
Walked out of a dream…

To good to be true
To perfect to be real
Words of a fading song
It’s just evanescence 
Here it is now
But tomorrow it will be gone…

Dimple Negi

Delhi university

Long work hours, unpaid overtime, stressful job, time spent commuting, less time for family life and/or friends’ life is the common problem shared by almost everyone on this planet. Here rat race is a very common attribute to describe the dull, endless & monotonous lifestyle of the new generation which makes them aloof of the relatives, friends and a more enthusiastic and encouraging life. Rat races describes the mad behavior of a rat running endlessly in the race of this world without any reward or gain in return &finally get intangled into the bleak world of disappointments and discouragement. The same outlook has been adopted by the man, running madly to step above in the social ladder or in a desire of development. Get himself trapped in the cobwebs of life.

Life is not only about success or achievements but more to live it to the full extent by enjoying each and every moment of it and it is possible when we maintain a work-life balance and dedicate it to our biggest supporters i.e. our family and friends it is rightly said that “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” similarly always looking for promotions and keep indulging yourself in the mad goose race of competition will make your life ‘lifeless’ and at some point of life you feel like being isolated from the world around you which is the highest defeat of the person that even after getting success he don’t found anybody to celebrate with; so ultimately it is your biggest failure & not the success. Even the business tycoon ‘vijay mallya ‘says that his philosphy of work is ‘first work hard and then party hard’. It states that each person needs some recreation or solace in his life to shed away the stress and dullness from it.

It is rightly said that human wants are unlimited so after getting the success, the quest to get more is always there; it is like an endless dark tunnel so we must enjoy this beautiful life bestowed to us by the almighty and move on the right track by not keeping your happiness at stake for the achievements in life. 
We should not forget that “”A rat race is for rats. We are not rats. We are human beings”.

Nidhi Seth

Keshav Mahavidyalya


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Exchange of smiles along with notes had started and same time started the rumours of us being in a relationship. Many guys were jealous because the hottest girl of the school with a guy almost nobody. My eyebrows rose up and started fantasizing of her. I didn’t understood but something was trembling in me. Was this my first love or just another lust..?

Vivek Singh

Scored A Sun…

Posted: February 18, 2012 by Ankur in Images
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Scored The Sun...

This is what LOVE is !!

Posted: February 17, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Smiling gingerly you have once said
That you would never leave me alone;
You would always stand by my side
And that you would love to see me smile
Always, yes always!

Was it a dream, a sheer thought or just
my imagination…when you hold me tight
And often sat beside only to make me feel
Safe and good from my heart.

Oh! Now that you are not hear,
I realize how much you meant to me
How secure I felt even in darkness of night
Alone, gazing to the dim-light from my window!

Ah! never I thought we would once separate
For so long and so far that my heart would
Just bounce back to the sweet old days
Now and then and cry but would not be
Heard, in pain but not healed, in grief
But never soothing….

You were there just for making me feel special
You were there just for me and only me;
Yet I could realize only when it got too late
And here I stand alone, yes alone
With memories devouring my heart
Each bit of me is sinking, getting hollow from
Within, and I can only remember you and just you!

No wonder, this is what LOVE is !!

Shruti Suman


Getting Started With College Life…

Posted: February 16, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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It is famously said that “All’s well that ends well” ,but I can also proudly boast of the slightly tampered version of this with equal pride giving reference of my well geared up college life.. the ‘my version’ being “

All’s well that begins well”. I can still vividly remember my first day at college around 3-4 months back. I had big dreams in my eyes and was equally flabbergasted by the huge expanse of my college. Admissions,room allotment,starting of classes,waving goodbye to familiar faces and welcoming new ones to life.. All of it went smooth. Life took on to a whole new journey of itself. I eventually realized that there is so much one has to do,one can do and one can acheive in their college life. The seniors to whom our interaction was limited to wishing “Good Morning ma’am” or “Good evening Sir” opened up with time. I realized seniors are also someone’s children who miss parent’s love and care like us and not someone who are there to put us into trouble. Obviously there had been restrictions on us freshers but I understood that it was something mandatory which everyone had to go through and was done for the welfare of the college atmosphere. Each of the seniors awestruck us with their individuality. The teachers and the staff are another unputdownable association of the college without them nothing could have gathered pace the way it did now.

A whole new world of learning new things apart from the course curriculum opened up. We were introduced to ‘Herald’ -college’s literary club,’Pace-Maker’-an initiative by few of our seniors to help us learn C in collaboration with ViDeI,’SaeIndia’-inter-college technical club.. all of which claimed to be friutful in the long run for us. I actively participated in all of them not because I trusted those claims but because I was overawed to witness such enthusiastic seniors and did’nt want to lose on an opportunity to learn from them. Then came basketball days. I humbly confess that I almost don’t know to play the game yet my seniors gave me the chance to basket midst of the game fully aware of the fact that her passing the ball to me would cost her a basket for her team but just to boost up my confidence she did so. I was just overwhelmed by such gesture. There was absolute home like environment when we under the supervision of some seniors designed the backdrop and packed the prashad for the Vishwakarma Puja and obviously to watch our seniors beautifully clad in saris and kurtas. Whenever there was a doubt regarding something like how to use the college WiFi or I wanted any help like mini-drafters and Chemistry lab apronss..seniors were always there to cater for the requirements.

College has started becoming smooth like school days although not in terms of the competition and the syllabus but definitely in terms of the cosy atmosphere. Going on the hostel terrace,finding the mess’ food delicious at times,sunbasking lazily on Sundays on the hostel ground,watching movies in groups late night,talking to seniors as friends,the teachers understanding us more with days,getting to know our classmates.. all of it just add onto it’s smoothness and making college life ‘a life to miss’. Expecting loads to take from and give to BIT PATNA… My college…

Reetuparna Das

I Hate My Mother

Posted: February 15, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Applause filled the auditorium of St. Caramel’s Design Institute, Kerala. As the name for the best concept designer was being announced, eyes turned around to have a glimpse of the winner amongst a crowd of 250 students.
Within few seconds, she was on the stage facing the cheers of the audience which included her classmates, their parents, friends and relatives. Her eyes, for a while scanned the entire auditorium; as if searching for someone who wasn’t there. Soon she realized, she was the winner, her heart melted and voice echoed; which led the people in front of her listen to a mere “Thanks”.

Was this all the end of her struggle with destiny or a turning edge for a new beginning?

These thoughts kept her mind occupied when a question by the principal broke her silence. “Whom do you owe your success to”? 

For a while, she kept quiet and with a firm voice she replied, “I owe this success of mine to God”. This moment which meant to be the happiest for her, was bringing back to her; memories of the dark side of her life. This dark side was though her past; yet it haunted her present now and then.

Her mind flashed through the lanes of the Calicut village in Kerala, where she was born. She could visualize herself as a three years old child; crying for food. Those tears still filled her eyes. Little Soma with no one to look after and care for, begged for a morsel of bread. Some would feed her, with mercy while some would not even bother to listen. For days, she used to stay on the leftovers of others.

It was not that she didn’t have a home; but the negligence from the part of her mother was the reason which diverted from her the love and affection; she deserved as child. Her mother used to go out to work, leaving her alone and would return in the late evening; when neighbors would remind her that her child slept at their doorsteps; she would bother to bring her back to home.

Soma’s mornings used to give her another day of loneliness and hunger and evenings ended with her patience dying to sleep in her mother’s lap. Even if a day by mistake would come when her mother would sleep beside her till morning; after waking up she would find to her surprise that her mother has vanished.

Gradually it happened someday that her mother didn’t come back for several days and Soma just kept crying outside her house. Few people from her neighborhood pitied her condition and took her to an orphanage where she was brought up and taken care of. There she discovered herself as an individual and grew up with big dreams.

Gradually she discovered her inclination towards music which became her all time companions. Her aspiration to achieve something brought her to the world of design and creativity at NIFT. Some NGO sponsored her studies and it was there, she built up the dream of leading an independent life. 

When her mother acknowledged that she is studying in such a reputed institute, she tried calling her several times. But, Soma never responded to her calls. Once she received the call; she found her mother calling her back to her life.

But, Soma had decided far back not to look behind, when she faced that hidden truth unroll in front of her eyes. She had thought till then that her mother had brought her up through a lot of difficulties. The absence of her mother from home made her feel that her mother had been working hard to earn money.

Even today, her eyes rage with anguish when she recalls that night when her mother left her crying and closed her in a room. She could somehow manage to peep through a small window and to her surprise she saw her mother sleeping with some stranger. This was now included in her life’s daily routine and she was used to see her mother sleeping with a new man every night.

As a child, she could not understand what her mother had been doing to earn money but today she knows and dares to face the truth…….that her mother was a prostitute.

She has no feelings left for her mother and she prefers calling herself an orphan than being called a daughter of a prostitute. Today, when she says she hates her mother, it’s not only her grief and hatred as a human being but the sufferings she faced in a young age that was brought to her life by her own mother…

Shruti Suman

NIFT; Fashion & You

At The Tower Bridge

Posted: February 14, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Its an evening in London.
I got a leave and took a stroll
On the world famous Tower Bridge
I stood right there in the middle when
My eyes rested upon a pond so sound
With roses and lily beds around
And the water, like bluish crystals abound.

Closer as i look ,
The pond comes alive
With the fauna that ,in it , thrive.
The frogs, the toads ,the golden fish
No! u cant give them a miss!

Slowly my eyes turn to the sky above
The clouds are grey ,
There had been no sunshine today
Ah ! this cool wind should take my heart away!
Lo ! there`s a thunder somewhere around
The very first drop ,and life seems profound !
The refreshing rain, rejuvenates the soul tense
And reinstates this raucous sense.

So whats on my mind is simple and plain
“This ambiance I love, I don’t wanna refrain
These moments so precious, I can`t explain..!”

Aditya Kumar

MIT, Manipal