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The Difference…

Posted: March 31, 2012 by Ankur in Daily Quotes
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Need to realize the difference between- loving someone and loving the “idea” of some one!!….<3

Kanksshi Agarwal

RGPV University


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We often seem to wonder what life is and often search for answers. Answers…. hmmm we do get, and plenty of them for that matter. But none of them completely explains life. And I’m sure nothing can ever explain life completely.If you are wondering what made me write this, hmmm well I owe you an answer since your reading this.

The other day I read a few quotes about life and that made me ponder on this. Now let me ask you, can anyone explain what life is? Just give it some thought. We were given life by our parents and our birth was their greatest joy. We grew up taking life as it came. Joys and sorrows were a part of it. But most of the times we thought that happiness was apart from it. “Set your goals high”. That’s what we’ve been taught. But in doing so we’ve set high standards for happiness as well and as a result we fail to notice and enjoy the little joys of life.

Going back and thinking about the life that I’ve lived all these years from my birth, I can tell one thing for sure. Life’s sure taught me a lot of things. From teaching me to talk and walk to showing what’s it to be a human, Life’s taught me a lot. Life’s taught me my lessons on love, trust and care. Life’s given me friends to be there for me. Life’s made me strong and corrected me when I’m wrong. Life’s made me fall at times,but it has even taught me to rise up, to bounce back and give my best.

Life’s short. That’s what everyone says. So live each moment as it comes. Enjoy every moment as much as you can. Problems and difficulties are a part of it. But be brave and face them. If you get depressed of the problems, the problems get doubled. But if you laugh at them you’ll be free from trouble.

And one important thing. Our life isn’t ours alone. It belongs to everyone who makes our life worthwhile. As I told before, our birth was a joy. Let’s live life so that even our entire life is a joy to others. Aspire to inspire before you expire.

“Life doesn’t come with a users manual.” How true that is! Life surely doesn’t give us instructions, but it surely gives us lessons. If we knew what life would be like would there be fun in living it? What good is a surprise party if you knew there would be party? The surprise element is the key to it.Sometimes life doesn’t give us second chances, but often it gives us new chances, new opportunities. It’s left to us to open the doors when it comes knocking at it.Life isn’t about finding yourself but life is about creating yourself.

So live life to the fullest. Forgive and forget those bad memories. Cherish the joys. Throw away those bundles of hatred and bring in joy. Smile and make others smile.Keep smiling. And thanks for reading this. Sometimes, a dose of philosophy is necessary…!!!

Reema Michelle D’souza

B.V.B.C.E.T, Hubli

I am a student from GGSIPU. I got amazing ranking in the entrance exam, I got admission in E.C.E. in the first counseling and made it to the college of my choice.

Was I intelligent?? Yes I was. I could remember anything and everyhthing if I wanted to. I was super excited in the first five days of my college; then the bomb dropped. I had my first internal exam within ten days. And the syllabus was huge as unexpected. On the day of the exam I got sick. I was fainting and puking on the metro station. And than I took the disastrous decision, I went back home, so I missed my next two exams,than after a month came another minor, I tried to cope with the zeros I got in the first one, but my efforts went in vain. I got a pass, but made only 10\25 in my total internals in those three subjects.

Then came practical exams, assignments, engineering drawing sheets and what not. Leaving me completely exhausted. And than within a month my final exams. I had to score more than 40\75 to pass now. yes ggsipu is the only university in the world which asks for 50 percent passing the papers went and the result came. I flunked in three subjects, got 45 in one, 42 in other.i cried all night as my friends and parents tried to console me. I was scaredAnd few more months and I flunked in few more subjects. Than within few days IP university put a list of students who dint get promoted. 5500+ students got detained including my close buddies…

Do you think we were duffer? No, not at all. We cleared the entrance, struggled through the studies. We knew more maths than the first year math hon kids, more phy than the phy hon kids, better phonetics than the eng hon kids. And some subjects had more credits and some less. For instance, maths has 4 credits, eng & manufacturing process has 2 credits each, you pass in two subjects and fail in maths, and u fail overall. You don’t make 50 credits and you repeat a year.

You don’t get 90 credits in 1st year and get 50 credits in 2nd year still you go back to 1st year instead of 3rd year, and 90 credits means you cannot get 2 re-backs in 1st year. To a person like me who has 7 backs out of 24 subjects in 1st year, has a high probability of getting 2 re-backs. Because the reappear exam is conducted after a one year gap. And you forget everything you learn in that one year. You might be thinking to yourself that this girl can clear her backs and her present year with a lot of hardwork. But you are wrong, and also the parents of those 5500+ students who got year back and many more like me who are hanging on the edge.

DEPRESSION, I write a phrase 100 times and its still not clearly in my mind. I cannot tell you exactly what all happened in my life yesterday. I can stare at the ceiling for hours without thinking anything, so do those 5500+ kids. And after my bad exams I burst out infront of people I rarely know. And than after the failed students list , a strike happened for a week. Hundreds of students gathered in front of GGSIPU Dwarka, but we are not from DU. So no media was there to support us. And the vice chancellor seemed to busy to meet us. Than the kids went to high court to file a case against IP university. 208 kids filed for the case.

USIT (university campus college) has 40 marks internal and 60 marks external. there teachers make the paper, checks it too, the paper is photocopied in the university only. When on the other hand affiliated colleges have 25 marks internal and 75 marks external. We have no idea who makes our question paper, checks our question paper and get it photocopied. The students went to meet the CM, SHIELA DIKSHIT. It took them exactly 5mins waiting to meet Shiela Dikshit and her sister. They spoke in our support.

After few days and external pressure the vice chancellor agreed to meet us on 18th oct 2010. I was sitting outside the university gate along with other students . Time: 9:30, we had chartpaper in our hands showcasing our thoughts. And as sun began to rise high up in the sky, our hopes began to fall. Than at 2:00 some Govt of India vechicles came and there was a meeting where people were smiling and eating Haldiram food. When on the other hand, we all with the tears in our eyes, sun on our heads, no food in our stomach sat quietly, praying God for justice.

The sun finally went away and at 6:30 the vice chancellor called 5 kids and told them he needs two more days to think. The next day was our hearing in high court. Our final exams are in 1st week of December, even if we win the case we will still flunk in exams. And we all hope we win this case , Because if we loose , than we don’t loose few years in completion of our degree, we loose our dreams, our hopes, our confidence, our childhood, even our lives.

No rule is bigger than the future of 5500+ students who failed and many more like me who passed but will fail eventually before reaching 3rd year.

P.S. we lost the case because the judge got sold. The article was written in october, this is not my story, this is the story of every student of GGSIPU who flunked and lost faith in justice…

Niharika Yadav

Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology!/rimzim

This is not the right time!!!

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There are always some cases when a guy says to a girl who proposes to him n the guy says ,” I’m sry.. you are beautiful but this not the right time for all this stuff”… Then when we come to college and when we propose to the girl of our dreams we get the reply, “i know you are a good guy, but this is not the right time for all this stuff”… This is how life brings everybody back to the same track…

Moral: Do whatever you feel is right after thinking over it.

Amrita university


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Life would be much easier if we could erase some moments
If we could know how to act how to speak
Life would be easier if we could forgive
If we could never remember what happened
Life would be much easier if in the midst of darkness you could see the light glowing
And if we were smart enough to catch that light
Life could be much easier if we could understand life…

Bhavya Kriti


A message to be given…

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Every person creates a mark in ones life some go deep inside while some are like scratches; for the ones which are deep its impossible for any one else to replace it, in fact its useless even trying too… You can’t expect the former to back out or stay off just because you couldn’t succeed.. Its wise to accept the circumstances or your failure with dignity…

Daniya Faisal

National Institute Of Fashion Technology

Life… with a pinch of salt!

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Life may not be a fairy tale….. but it cannot be a horror movie either :)) ^_^

Sanhita Baruah

Assam Engineering College


Posted: March 27, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Things mostly happen for the best.
However hard it seems to-day,
When some fond plan has gone astray
Or, what you’ve wished for most is lost
An’ you sit countin’ up the cost
With eyes half-blind by tears o’grief
While doubt is chokin’ out belief,
You’ll find when all is understood
That what seemed bad was really good.
Life can’t be counted in a day.
The present rain that will not stop
Next autumn means a bumper crop.
We wonder why some things must be-
Care’s purpose we can seldom see-
An’ yet long afterwards we turn
To view the past, an’ then we learn
That what once filled our minds with doubt
Was good for us as it worked out.

I’ve never know an hour of care
But that I’ve later come to see
That it has brought some joy to me.
Even the sorrows I have borne,
Leavin’ me lonely an’ forlorn
An’ hurt an’ bruised an’ sick at heart,
An’ though I could not understand
Why I should bow to Death’s command,
That it was really better so.
Things mostly happen for the best.
So narrow is our vision here
That we are blinded by a tear
An’ stunned by every hurt an’ blow
Which comes to-day to strike us low.
An’ yet some day we turn an’ find
That what seemed cruel once was kind.
Most things, I hold, are wisely planned
If we could only understand.

Shrutikah Gupta

NIFT Bengaluru

An orphanage

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I visited an orphanage
saw those little smiling faces
What happiness they had,
no one can tell
as behind that joy lied,
a different universe.
they knew no where they came from,
or they will go.
their home is their orphanage
and the love contributed on them
from the strict wardens 
to every promising visitor
that comes to see them or pick
one of them.
they wait for their moment to arrive
to live in this wide world.
little do they know that they
would get more peace and joyful
in the orphanage than in this huge
painful and competitive world…

Nikhil Chandwani

VIT University

True Love…

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Every girl will have a PRINCE,
But her father will always be her KING!!

Vishali Chandrasekaran

VIT University