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Countries, discovered and flourished. Each has its own art of development. Countries diversified further to different states for the purpose proper control & jurisdiction of government. No one ever knew this diversification would be more intensified the India-Pak Partition. 

The above Indian map attached above basically shows its different states and border countries. I have a question to propose to readers, are the states actually the part of India apart from sharing the map space? or are they a different country in itself?

The current scenario demonstrates this situation. If I am born in Punjab, I am Punjabi. If I am born in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, I am a Hindu “Bhaiya”. If I am born in Maharashtra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu then I am a South Indian. I don’t understand when will I be able to call myself as an Indian who hails from India and lives for India. I have been to different states and have found the same scenario whether its Punjab, Maharashtra, West Bengal, or Uttar Pradesh. Different religions, different forms of living, different mode of working all these are admissible but discrimination on its basis is not. If I belong to some part of country which lack good schools or where Internet is a distant dream then do i hold a tag of facing discrimination where ever i go for availing them? In India it is.

If I am living in Punjab, I am supposed to go all along Canada and US but settling in Bihar would be like a disgrace for me. The justification given to this attitude is lack of opportunities in these areas. But how will people justify calling people of Bihar as “Bhaiya” and humiliating them just because they are from Bihar. Is it correct?

A laborer who is working in your field for hours, shedding each drop of sweat he could all because of money. No doubt he gets a fair deal of money but what about respect? He gets varying titles. Is this the morality we are holding?

Does me being a Hindu makes me powerless infront of a Punjabi or Gujrati or does me being a Punjabi makes me a fighter? No doubt each of the community had a trait. Someone are born fighters, some are born laborers. But discrimination on these cradles is not acceptable.

People are ready to dedicate their lives for the sake of their respective states but when it comes to country then they are reluctant. Religious strife’s are the instances of this. Whether consider the case of Ayuodhya Verdict or Austria (Vienna Problem) of Sachkhand.

For people state comes first and then their country. Every state considers its residents to be more equipped. Maharashtra case of shunting people of North India from Mumbai is an instance of it.

People, i may be sounding in-appropriate. All I mean to put forward is an appeal to people to refrain from such orthodox stunk thinking. Our constitution entitles each person to stay in any part of our country and he deserves respect.

There is a need of mutual respect and integration for people to understand each other’s strengths and weakness’es. Behaving in a responsible manner demands a person to respect each one ignoring his skill set and place of origin. The grass roots of a person aims only to understand his regional aspects not the negative traits he inherits from them. Value your state, after all development of individual states will credit the long term development of a country, as a whole.

But, do not demean the fellow states just because of their geographic location, religion dissimilarities and inconsistent opportunities.

Lack in such integration once led us to slavery under British Empire and the recurrence of it would again lead us to nothing better than misery…

Bhaskar H. Narula

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