As I fail, as 5500 students fail…

Posted: March 30, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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I am a student from GGSIPU. I got amazing ranking in the entrance exam, I got admission in E.C.E. in the first counseling and made it to the college of my choice.

Was I intelligent?? Yes I was. I could remember anything and everyhthing if I wanted to. I was super excited in the first five days of my college; then the bomb dropped. I had my first internal exam within ten days. And the syllabus was huge as unexpected. On the day of the exam I got sick. I was fainting and puking on the metro station. And than I took the disastrous decision, I went back home, so I missed my next two exams,than after a month came another minor, I tried to cope with the zeros I got in the first one, but my efforts went in vain. I got a pass, but made only 10\25 in my total internals in those three subjects.

Then came practical exams, assignments, engineering drawing sheets and what not. Leaving me completely exhausted. And than within a month my final exams. I had to score more than 40\75 to pass now. yes ggsipu is the only university in the world which asks for 50 percent passing the papers went and the result came. I flunked in three subjects, got 45 in one, 42 in other.i cried all night as my friends and parents tried to console me. I was scaredAnd few more months and I flunked in few more subjects. Than within few days IP university put a list of students who dint get promoted. 5500+ students got detained including my close buddies…

Do you think we were duffer? No, not at all. We cleared the entrance, struggled through the studies. We knew more maths than the first year math hon kids, more phy than the phy hon kids, better phonetics than the eng hon kids. And some subjects had more credits and some less. For instance, maths has 4 credits, eng & manufacturing process has 2 credits each, you pass in two subjects and fail in maths, and u fail overall. You don’t make 50 credits and you repeat a year.

You don’t get 90 credits in 1st year and get 50 credits in 2nd year still you go back to 1st year instead of 3rd year, and 90 credits means you cannot get 2 re-backs in 1st year. To a person like me who has 7 backs out of 24 subjects in 1st year, has a high probability of getting 2 re-backs. Because the reappear exam is conducted after a one year gap. And you forget everything you learn in that one year. You might be thinking to yourself that this girl can clear her backs and her present year with a lot of hardwork. But you are wrong, and also the parents of those 5500+ students who got year back and many more like me who are hanging on the edge.

DEPRESSION, I write a phrase 100 times and its still not clearly in my mind. I cannot tell you exactly what all happened in my life yesterday. I can stare at the ceiling for hours without thinking anything, so do those 5500+ kids. And after my bad exams I burst out infront of people I rarely know. And than after the failed students list , a strike happened for a week. Hundreds of students gathered in front of GGSIPU Dwarka, but we are not from DU. So no media was there to support us. And the vice chancellor seemed to busy to meet us. Than the kids went to high court to file a case against IP university. 208 kids filed for the case.

USIT (university campus college) has 40 marks internal and 60 marks external. there teachers make the paper, checks it too, the paper is photocopied in the university only. When on the other hand affiliated colleges have 25 marks internal and 75 marks external. We have no idea who makes our question paper, checks our question paper and get it photocopied. The students went to meet the CM, SHIELA DIKSHIT. It took them exactly 5mins waiting to meet Shiela Dikshit and her sister. They spoke in our support.

After few days and external pressure the vice chancellor agreed to meet us on 18th oct 2010. I was sitting outside the university gate along with other students . Time: 9:30, we had chartpaper in our hands showcasing our thoughts. And as sun began to rise high up in the sky, our hopes began to fall. Than at 2:00 some Govt of India vechicles came and there was a meeting where people were smiling and eating Haldiram food. When on the other hand, we all with the tears in our eyes, sun on our heads, no food in our stomach sat quietly, praying God for justice.

The sun finally went away and at 6:30 the vice chancellor called 5 kids and told them he needs two more days to think. The next day was our hearing in high court. Our final exams are in 1st week of December, even if we win the case we will still flunk in exams. And we all hope we win this case , Because if we loose , than we don’t loose few years in completion of our degree, we loose our dreams, our hopes, our confidence, our childhood, even our lives.

No rule is bigger than the future of 5500+ students who failed and many more like me who passed but will fail eventually before reaching 3rd year.

P.S. we lost the case because the judge got sold. The article was written in october, this is not my story, this is the story of every student of GGSIPU who flunked and lost faith in justice…

Niharika Yadav

Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology!/rimzim

  1. Shivangi (: says:

    This is UNFAIR. All in Capitals. -.-

  2. niharika says:

    sorry.all this happened in 2011 not 2010

  3. Rahul raj says:

    Absltly true dost but inspite of all those we cant do any thng bcoz we hv no much power 2 do but we stil ftng in sprm crt lets see wt hpn

  4. mrsidist says:

    its my story also… 😦

  5. Akash Sankhala says:

    you wrote very well niharika gud job !! but now question is this that what we can do for ourselves bcoz my story is as same as yours and i also have 7 backs in first year and i think i can clear them all but what if i cant make it then i would left with only 1 option repeat it or leave it this is injustice to all students. Officials of university says they want to raise the standards of their university if they really want to raise the standards of their entrance exam and entrance criteria like bits pilani or smthing. what they r doing now is nthing bt holy shittt !!!

  6. amanparakh says:

    i agree with u……….we are with u

  7. akshat kumar says:

    question arises, is this justice??????? and what is the procedure now to remove this remedies?? crap on our education system.

  8. niharika says:

    this is india… and g.g.s.i.p.u is govt univ …. they dont care if we burn down the building, or burn ourselves up… cos they have the right to play with our future. though some of us are still fighting against the system… and salute to those people

  9. Deepak Punia says:

    Dis shit is hard 2 remove bt lets nt lose hope…one day we vl surely get justice…n very well written niharika…hatsoff…:)

  10. Shweta says:

    wat a fantastic article it was showin d plight of our education system!!!
    m relli sorry for oll dose sufferin dis situation…but guyz do remember!! dis iz d path dat u have choosed uoself……come wat may….u need to struggle nd show dat u have d potential to b a part of d creamy layer…..dnt crib ova it!! Study harder nd den make stnd against it…..d authorities will heed to u’r opinion nly if u show dem dat u could have got a way mch betta clg but u chose dis one!!!
    dere r millions of students lyk u…..but u need to shine at u’r own place nd allow d world follow u!!
    Good Luck! 🙂

  11. shruti999 says:

    lovely 😉 pennd it down pretty well ! nd oye depress mat ho rei ! ur not alone in this !

  12. Mayur says:

    stupendous writing niharika!! am one of those students too… 5 backs in 1st year…couldnt clear the first sem ones where narrowly missed maths with 45 and all those checkers checked really strictly deducing marks wherever they could on my excellently performed paper… waiting for year back to come… one of my friend was seriously talking about suicide which i talked her out of…… I didnt even tell my dad about all my backs bcoz he suffers high blood pressure…
    ur not alone…. we shall fight… maybe an annshann will be effective…

  13. niharika says:

    seriously mayur…if they put 90 credit system….then there will have to be some blood loss or murder..stay prepared…and even i got reback in maths only in 1st sem…the assholes cant even check the paper nicely

  14. Lalit kumar says:

    is the 90 % credit system still in force. the one that could lead to a year-back pls reply m at luckyflight@yahoo .com please , n if it is 1000s are ready. lets revolt

  15. pankaj says:

    yeahess let’s made dese ppl rethink bout the rules they r makin and the circumstances dey r creatinn

  16. niharika says:

    pankaj our univ has just put us in fake hope abhi. lets see what happens.. the result will come after a semster . till then most of us our neither in 2nd year nor in 3rd year. and applying for both years. majaaak banaa ke rakha hai humaara

  17. akshay says:

    IP university sucks…!!! in short.. Bcoz of these fuckers… i am workin in a call centre i wont be promoted.. they want to raise the standard for the unversity… toe entrance exam aur tough lo yaar… why to implement useless rules…..waise its simple unversity ko sirf paise kamne hai bacho ka future bhad mei jaye chaiye…

  18. Abhinav Yadav says:

    The pain and suffering one gets from these backlogs is beyond the comprehension of students who pass the exam. Not only the shame,the guilt and the depression, it eats you inside like a cancer. You start doubting yourself and you question your every move. I had to cancel my SSB interview because of one fucking backlog I failed by 1 mark. I accepted my mistakes and tried my best but this university does not want its students to rise from the depths of failure.

  19. after 10-20 years when you will be looking back. the one year you flunked will be a small part of your memory… and we will laugh and tell our close friends . ki wo bhi difficult time tha.. but dekho aaj hum kitna acha kar rahe hai.

  20. akshay says:

    frankly speaking ipu sucks.. ..!

  21. Ashwani Chaudhary says:

    i got back in my first sem in four subject and then back again in those same 4 subject in 2nd sem cos i was preapring for my aieee as i thought i might clear it,but bas luck thier then i went for my 2nd year..and clear my 1 st sem back but couldn’t clear my 1st semster back in maths and got back in all sunjects of my 3rd semester as i can’t possibly concentrate on so many subjects at same time,then in 4th semester today result comes i cleared all back again but one still left in maths and got two back in 4th sem now even after my hard work i got FAIL. i failed in my life,wasted my parents money, i am a guy who passed with such a good marks in CBSE boards but now i feel i am really a looser in life as i am not able to atleast pass my all subjects, Feels like leaving the hands of life 😦

    • ashwani chaudhary…. yaar just because ek saal peeche ho gaya … doesn’t mean that its the end of your life… please don’t take any stupid step.. n remember… its in these hardest times only.. can great victory be achieved.. kuch bewkufi mat kario….

    • ashwani chaudhary
      mail me…mere paas kisi cheez ke notes honge toh de dungi..

  22. kaninika says:

    They just dont think sensibly. :/

  23. shweta says:

    if we got a external back in one subject in 1st semester…
    is there any paper to clear the back…
    if yes then when is this paper held???
    plz reply…

  24. Prakhar says:

    Hey, IPU rocks, Specially Mechanical department, checking is at its lowest leniency , i scored 72% in first sem, 70% in second, getting 85-90s in practicals, I am lucky to an IPU student of 2014-2018 after reading your block niharika Di, BUT IPU sudhar gaya hai, now the best thing is 40% passing marks.yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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