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Maybe You can Help…

Posted: April 30, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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This world is so strange,
People so crazy ..
Every window pane of my perception
Seems so hazy.

I look upon you
You seem like a constructed man.
You look upon me,
Still trying to figure who i am …

I am a simple soul
Entangled in complications ,
A beautiful mind 
Rusted with toxication.
I am a harmless being
Filled with dangerous thoughts,
A little fish in the ocean
You just caught.

I am a nobody
Who is known to all ,
I am a somebody..
Every time i rise,
Every time i fall…..

I am an autumn leaf,
The wind carries me along ,
I land up in different worlds …
But where o i actually belong?

I am a dreamer’s dream
Or am i the dreamer myself?
I am a stranger’s wish,
Or the stranger itself…
I am you , i am me
Or is it just me myself…
Who i actually am,
I know is still unsaid.

I ask you the answers..
I don’t know the questions that well,
You seem like a constructed man..
I think you can help…

 Payal Arora

NIFT, Bengaluru

The system is wrong…

Posted: April 29, 2012 by Ankur in Daily Quotes
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Everyone talks about what’s wrong with the system, only few say how to correct it, and fewer strive to rectify it…

Sanhita Baruah

Assam Engineering College

I am my ‘Audience’…

Posted: April 29, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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I see your shoes..
They dance so perfectly to the rhythm of each song ,
I look at mine
They have just been the audience,
Appreciating others since so long.

I see your eyes..
They express so perfectly to every random emotion 
Where the belong,
I look at mine..
They have always been inspired
Wishing they could communicate too
The lyrics of each song.

I look at you lips..
They speak so perfectly
With confidence so long ,
I look at mine’
They turn speechless..
Because to the world of secrets, they belong.

But someday i wish…
My shoes could step upon that stage,
& my eyes could replace that fear ..
My lips could reveal the mysteries,
I won’t be the audience 
But the player.

Someday i wish ,
I could show you the passion 
These shoes have been dancing upon,
Someday i wish
I could tell you
The dreams these eyes could not
Express for long!

Someday i actually wish
These lips could learn the art of confidence ..
Because deep inside i have always wished
I would be the ‘performer’
& you could be my audience…

Payal Arora

NIFT , Bengaluru

The Ball…

Posted: April 28, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Enchanted with the music
charmed with the song
I was in your arms
in last week’s Ball.
The warmth of your voice
and the soft breeze
touched my neck
and left me pleased.

Aware I was not
of the crowd near me
Lost, I was
in the dreams of thee.
I danced with you.
by my faith in you.

With your first touch
I gave my heart to you.
With the first move
I bared my soul to you.
The world seemed a myth
and you seemed real.
I lifted my eyes to see
my worries disappear.

Forgetting everything
I was dancing in charm.
Losing myself
to your heart melting warmth.
With ecstasy and love
I danced and danced
until you showed me the ring
on my left hand.

Alas, I woke up
when the reality did unfold
It dawned on me
someone’s mistress you did hold.
I looked around
and saw my man in anger
whose better half was
in the arms of a stranger.

Resentful I ran
leaving the Ball.
and he dragged me
across the hall.
I had the fear,
I will be beaten in anger,
with a tear
I caught a glimpse of you, the stranger.

I hoped you could see
that for freedom I crave
I hoped you would set me free
for my husband made me a slave.
That night you did not see
the scars on my face
Nor did you feel
that every night I am caned.

Years ago, my freedom
he made me lose.
And that night, “legs or hands?”
he made me choose.
I hoped that day
you could hear me cry
as I kneel today
and hope to die…

Sanhita Baruah

Assam Engineering College

Gold or not???

Posted: April 27, 2012 by Ankur in Daily Quotes
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All that glitters may NOT be Gold, it may be Diamond too 😉 🙂

Sanhita Baruah

Assam Engineering College

Continue to Live…

Posted: April 27, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

For the past twenty years dont know what have i done with my life that today i dont know what i want..In my childhood always went in flow with what mom and dad wanted, never got a moment to think what i want, what is best for me, how the way i wanted to live n now here i am confused who i am what exactly i want, how to fight for myself, got this old burden of following other’s thoughts, bored and sick of taking advice from people…i am innocent i take time to understand things because never had anyone in my who tried to make me overpower my innocence and learn things in a right way…

Everybody misunderstood me somewhere where i never expected them to do so… I dont know other people’s part but i know have never found place in anybody’s life the way i wanted..Its not my fault but people’s bad luck that they take my nature in the picture of characterless girl..My heart is open like sky where black clouds come and disappear, h ave never any grudge against anyone…have always been neutral to everyone be it my friend, acquaintance or an enemy the meaning of which i never get…

Sounds stupid but true and what i see beyond me is that people make me their enemy without knowing anything… I have happily accepted whatever came in the course of my life…got up independent learning to live… break… fall… survive. Whats wrong in trying to live without any fantasies, expectations, forcing people to accept you… to love you… Their choice and now I am no one to run behind people and then bruise my own heart…

At one point of time human company for me was supportive… Felt that can keep myself and that person happy… but now its like I am too scared of people… it gives me shivers till inside…

But now no longer like this… Here i am now adamant to protecting myself… Again learning to live…

Shrutikah Gupta

Love Story

Posted: April 26, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

This was written ages ago, but I think its worth sharing. So here we are! (:

“The ten most difficult steps of the day I take

I see you, panic and turn around to run away.

But I saw your eyes fall on me

I saw a small smile playing on the corners of your perfect lips

As if you got a satellite call from “thee”

So I pull myself together and turn around. Again.

You walk towards me…

And give me that “Hey, what’s up” kinda cool look

Crossing my fingers and peeping through my lashes, I smile.

And that’s when my love story began.”

Shivangi Lahoty

National Institute of Fashion Technology

Scarlet Dreams

Posted: April 25, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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The sun goes down ‘midst a golden gleam,

They’re holding hands in her scarlet dreams.

They range from past and present scenes,

Of people met and places been.

Another day and maybe more,

Of undying faith and forgiven scores.

From an angel’s touch and a poet’s eyes,

That speaks true love and never lies.

The clouds part away to show the stars,

She stares at them through his guitar.

She smells the air- he sings his song.

And he promises he won’t be gone.

While plucking chords and pulling strings,

And tying together her favorite things.

He pins her photos on his wall,

And weaves a story with ’em all.

The freckled bark of garden trees,

The morning dew on baby leaves.

The sound of air on troubled chimes,

And his voice, engraved in her mind.

She hasn’t looked- and it’s been a while,

At every little thing that makes her smile.

But amidst a play of sighs and bliss in reams,

They’re moving on with their scarlet dreams.

Sam Banerjee

Something Wrong?

Posted: April 24, 2012 by Ankur in Daily Quotes
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It’s not new when things go wrong with me…. it’s when things go right that astonishment strikes.. 😀

Sanhita Baruah

Assam Engineering College

Moving on…

Posted: April 24, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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What do you do when you know what you’re doing is wrong yet you can’t stop yourself from thinking of doing it? What do you do when you know how you feel is not right but it’s just not in your hands to stop the emotions to flow? What do you do when you know that every step that you’re taking now in that direction would be equal to miles when you’d have to come back? Because you know you’d have to come back! You know it, ‘cause it’s like walking in this long corridor and ending up facing a locked door. (And I am not talking about Harry Potter here)

You know there’s no key to this lock because it’s an electronic lock, where the lock opens only if YOU are sure you want it to open.

This is my story. Like many, I have faced a lot of confusion in it. I still do. And amongst them, one still bothers me! I liked this guy I know loved someone else, and I’d finally come to make this decision after 5 months, that him and I will never be. And not just because his feelings were for someone else, but because he was not the right man for me. Don’t get me wrong! He was perfect in many ways- understanding, responsible, caring, humble, down-to-earth… But mostly, he was honest. And that’s what I loved about him. There is a rule. God has to pop your bubble when it grows bigger. And so, the” someone” apparently he loved dumped him. And I was there. Just like I’d always been. As a friend. But then 4 months later I realised he’d fallen for me. Period. Happy ending? I should’ve done a victory dance, right? But I freaked out.

And he has nothing to do with the fact that I suddenly decided it can’t be! Well, I have been brought up in a very homely, family-oriented environment. I’ve never had a boyfriend in my life, not because I never got proposed or anything. O believe you me, I got asked out plenty times! But I refused. Each time. Because I believe in the concept of “one man woman”.. I hope that when I’ll fall for someone, it’ll be for good. I know, you must be thinking what the hell am I even talking about? Does that kinda crap exist anymore? That’s so old school. But not for me! That is how I am. And this gentleman came in my life at a time when I was just concentrating on my dreams and career and all things fancy. But things changed. In a second. Just like that. After his arrival of course.

Stronger emotions overpowered my senses to think logically or with a clear head. Suddenly, he became the centre of my universe. I’ve never dreamt of anyone like I used to dream of him, back to back, every night. Earlier I’d convinced myself that he’s not the one, because it was easier this way. But after he started talking and confiding so much, those suppressed feelings came to the surface. But soon the clouds of fantasies, love and romance left this land again and moved on to another. And alas! That veil covering the nasty thing that we call truth, fell. I started to think rationally again. “He may be perfect but do we have a future together?” “Does he feel the same way for me or is it just a crush?” “Do I want this?” “Is there a chance AT ALL?”

And it was then I decided that when your heart is questioning you so much and when you can’t answer the questions, you should check if the path you’re walking on is the right one. I did the check. And guess what? It wasn’t the right path after all. (: He may be perfect, but he wasn’t meant for me.

If there are a hundred people in the world, at least seventy of them must be good men. The world would have ended a long time ago, otherwise. So, he is just another man in the crowd of seventy. He is a good human being, no doubt about that. But he isn’t “my kind of” good.

It’s still hard. I know I haven’t completely moved on yet. I cared for him before I even knew what his name was. It’ll take time. But I know I will move on. Cause there’s no other way. This is the only way!
And I know I can do it. 🙂 Moving on, I mean.

National Institute of Fashion technology, Mumbai