Maybe You can Help…

Posted: April 30, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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This world is so strange,
People so crazy ..
Every window pane of my perception
Seems so hazy.

I look upon you
You seem like a constructed man.
You look upon me,
Still trying to figure who i am …

I am a simple soul
Entangled in complications ,
A beautiful mind 
Rusted with toxication.
I am a harmless being
Filled with dangerous thoughts,
A little fish in the ocean
You just caught.

I am a nobody
Who is known to all ,
I am a somebody..
Every time i rise,
Every time i fall…..

I am an autumn leaf,
The wind carries me along ,
I land up in different worlds …
But where o i actually belong?

I am a dreamer’s dream
Or am i the dreamer myself?
I am a stranger’s wish,
Or the stranger itself…
I am you , i am me
Or is it just me myself…
Who i actually am,
I know is still unsaid.

I ask you the answers..
I don’t know the questions that well,
You seem like a constructed man..
I think you can help…

 Payal Arora

NIFT, Bengaluru

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