Nose to Nose

Posted: May 9, 2012 by Shivangi (: in Writes...
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The sun was pouring in from a window somewhere as it lit even the darkest corners of the studio apartment that was now home for us. It is strange, how a few months back when we’d come as renters here, the place was a mere one-room-hell-hole. The very prospect of living here had scared me silly. I still remember, the floor was covered in a thick layer of dust. Broken window panes, and a foul smell of dead rats – that’s what we’d encountered. And now, it was home. Every nook of this little haven, we had memories we could talk about. There was no place as beautiful as this place. For us, this was home. This was our little hideaway!

And as I sat on the kitchen platform cross-legged, with the refrigerator open right next to me, thinking about the good times. There he was, my perfect gift from god (!), taking out things from the “cooling almirah”, with sheer grace and ease. It was a Sunday morning. His day in the kitchen. I was stunned by his elegance and expertise as he chopped some vegetables into equal cubes, while I sat idly, my magazine lying in a corner now. All I could do was just admire him, smiling to myself occasionally as I did so. “He was perfect. And he was all mine.” A giggle slipped from my lips as the thought struck me. He heard me. AND caught me staring at him. I felt my cheeks burn. Even after all these days, I still felt embarrassed. And as my eyes went downcast, I saw him swiftly put the knife on the chopping board. I looked up and there he was! Coming towards me as he undid the knot of his apron, arms wide open. I jumped down from my “place of a viewer” and became a part of the scene. “Enough time wasted being a spectator” I thought to myself as I embraced him. I was contented. I felt complete. He messed with my hair as we touched “nose to nose”.

“This is my favourite place.” I sighed. “In my arms?” he asked. “No, with the nose to nose.” He laughed lightly, “Movie?”

Nothing Better.” I smiled.

  1. Bhaskar says:

    Awesome piece of writing Shivangi 🙂

  2. Shivangi (: says:

    Thank you, Bhaskar! (:

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