Tears of the River

Posted: May 24, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Have you ever spent a day on the riverbank?

Everything so extraordinarily kaleidoscopic yet morphine-like that you wish you lived there forever within the tranquillity of the cavernous warm water – Away from all troubles that consume you – And once you remote yourself from the blue’s yet again you get captured by the ecstasy offered by the straddling forest wilderness.

Every night when the natives go to sleep, the pastels of the trees start dancing to the beats of the wild breeze. Witnessed in the glint of moonlight by the symbol of wisdom – Owls, is a legend bizarrely flamboyant.

Deep within the forest lays a throbbing fairytale of the unconquerable river! The river is ever-changing yet eternal. It receives everlasting youth from the raindrops!

Have you ever seen beneath the disturbing layer of ripples and the foam, the river flowing? The rocks and stone-clad hills strive to slow it down. It remains unstoppable, hitting numerous rocks! The youthful river battles against. The edges on the sides constrict her, sometimes narrow down the path, widen all of a sudden and make the river believe that its fate has already been written. The river refuses it; it crushes the edges in madness; suddenly the ripples and the foam look more lively and shimmery. The river keeps moving, it never gives in to any of the hurdles, and the path isn’t always smooth. The battle never ends. When will it reach its destination? When will the river be at peace?

Every night the river sobs in secrecy. The untamed branches tell a tale of the river’s heroic display. A tale of valour! The river silently listens, while its crystal white sand floor shines under the moon. ‘You’re indomitable’ says the Owl softly, and fly’s away to narrate the chronicles…

Priyansha Mistry

LU, Leicester

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