Yet Another Tirade :\

Posted: May 25, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Hypocrisy surrounds me, I honestly do not know where to begin, my mind-set as of now being such that I am incapable to do anything other than just rant about a few people who have become experts in altering my mood in a record time.

Now, according to Wikipedia

“Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people lives on from one generation to the next. Generally, it occurs through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts. In its narrow, technical sense, education is the formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated

1. Knowledge
2. Skills
3. Customs

And values from one generation to another”.

Now some of us agree with this, well of course we do, but then there are some , who are alien to the above mentioned concept of education.

I am almost scared to use the word “education” here, because the people I am talking about are probably not even aware of what the word actually stands for.

It happened around two months ago , when the Christmas for the “intelligent” ones was about to start , in this case it more or less spelt doom when the marks that were, naturally as low as they could get, beckoned my parents to meet a buffoon of a man , who had always reminded me of this real cruel bear who had once eaten up a young kid in a zoo in Kolkata , but I was too much of a child to sympathize with the parents back then . Yeah! So this man who resembled that big bear spoke to my mother ( not exactly “spoke” , more or less was trying to tell MY mother MY life history :\) and assuming in his unbalanced frame of mind that he could remark on MY future based on HIS misplaced sense of EDUCATION.

It might be interesting to note, that this person’s idea of making us seventeen year olds study was to threaten us with extra school hours filled with the usual dreadful (for some of us) subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Maths etc. ; whose concept of fun was solving that murky NCERT mathematics textbooks twice till at least the more “brainy” (in his opinion) ended up acing an equally vapid examination. Well obviously I was not born to make such a horrid mistake so naturally my parent had to meet him and listen to him whining, complaining, putting me down in front of my own mother (who is and will always be a LOT more wiser than that miserable human specimen) telling her in not so much words just how my behavior could affect the non-existent “reputation “of the buildings where they assemble us and treat us like cattle, well of course the cattle is treated much more gently .

At this point I would definitely like to mention that even the not so wise Ministry of Human Resource Development of India defines education as this

“Education is fundamental to our all-round development, material and spiritual.

Nowhere is it mentioned that this particular brand of “education” as we call it , requires a hundred per cent attendance , or needs of us to be demure and in fear of those who have wrongly been elevated to the status of a teacher (This is for those who definitely do not deserve to be called so). Or slogging it off into the wee hours of the night following their concept of “hard-work” only to wake before the sun rays hit our windows just so we are in time to attend a misnomer of a “meditation” session ,while THEY would be strutting around the cement structure ready to punish those of us who do not “meditate”. Leave the concept of “teaching”, “learning”, these individuals I speak of, are making a mockery out of almost everything that follows a method in which the notion of “understanding” plays a large role. I strongly feel that Amnesty International should start a branch aimed for “The Victims of Education” though if I were expected to be really honest about this; it should be confined to a particular region of this country we live in. Arranging two hundred and fifty students on the basis of their merit simply exposes the dullness of the mind behind the particular idea. Schools as they should be called no longer teach in the place where I exist, they more or less threaten. Martin Luther King Jr. had once stated that “Intelligence plus character is the true goal of education”. I am sure these shepherds I have come to loathe so much agree but let me enlighten you on their definition of Intelligence and Character.

#1. As a student you have a good character IF you –

Are Demure
Are Silent
Are Dull

Show visible signs of fear when one of the shepherd makes a pitiable attempt to fool you.
Pretend to be the five year old obedient kid they expect you to be (I am not even sure if five year olds are that obedient any more)

Treat a member of the opposite gender in the same manner that a lawyer would treat an accused in the court. In fact I strongly feel they should give up on the idea of co-education and start convents instead, and go on preaching about that misplaced idea of sensibility they claim to possess.

Dress up like a nun or a priest (pick one)

#2. As a student you are INTELLIGENT IF you-
DO NOT Flunk any subject
Show a keen interest in few subjects
Write brilliantly on those papers they give you while they test your vomiting skills.

Also the idea that a student can learn something from a book that is not the usual uninspiring text book, instead a good piece of literature also does not seem to enter their brains (but then again the question arises if they possess the much needed grey matter?) They consider it to be their fundamental right to go around projecting any sort of an image they want to , of that of a student , irrespective of the fact whether they have actually interacted with any . Well obviously, to most of you, all of it would seem exaggerated but then it is not and I say it without any doubt. I for one am glad that my “school-life” is over. Having changed eight schools , there was none where I ever doubted my capability , not only me , I do not remember having any class mate who used to agonize over the teacher’s comments , you see it was so simple , they were teacher s , not some shepherds . Nor did any school bring any of ours morale down like this hell-hole of a place di d , maybe because they had “Educated” people, not some random individuals who assume it to be all right to declare in front of a parent that their child’s future would be nothing but getting married off and leading the life that they are leading now.

Now that I think of it, I would just go with Mark Twain and not let my schooling interfere with my education. Because that seems to be the only sensible option , for I would rather survive on a healthy dose of literature rather than seeing few people’s idea of “Knowledge” “Customs” “Skills” and “Values” to be passed on as a down rated version of true learning that students actually need. 

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