It’s just another day!

Posted: May 29, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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While I came to learn in my new office
that I got this Sunday working,
My heart was heavy and I was tensed
Yet I had to be on time, and so I did.
Few colleagues around and loads of work to do.
This day has never got me working, such is the change.
Moving a stair up, I have grown up to know
How the meaning of a single thing changes through time.
How every thing keeps you staring with a different eye.
And how we get used to accepting these differences
And contradictions which prove every thing learnt
In childhood to be a mere bookish theory,
Yet we live without revolting
We live with every sudden change
We live without thinking
We live this USUAL way of living life.
And then we hear it now and then
What’s the big deal about it?
It’s just another thing and it’s just another day!

Shruti Suman

NIFT, Mumbai

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