No Love for Beasts

Posted: May 30, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Because the purity of the soul and the depth of a heart have always been and will always be overshadowed by the outer physical beauty, this one’s for all those beautiful souls.

For heaven’s sake my heart,
Keep secret your Love.
Contain it all inside you,
Hide it from those you see.
For love’s not meant for beasts,
It’s only for Angels and Fairies.

‘Coz he who reveals secrets,
Is considered to be dark.
Isolation and Anger serve his companion,
And loneliness becomes his friend.
Silence and secrecy serve him better
For he who falls In Love.

For heaven’s sake my mind,
Confide all your thoughts.
Make the heart of stone
And disguise all your tears,
Then may the skies fall and seas roar,
And you may remain safe.

Don’t answer “Who is she?”
For anyone who asks.
Say She’s just another person
From so many amongst the world.
And Walk away as you laugh,
Pretending She’s of no consequence.

For heaven’s sake my love,
Conceal all your passions
And accept all your sorrows
For sorrows help in pain.
‘Coz pain is the medicine
For those with soul of stone.

And love to the soul
Is as a glass containing wine,
What you see is just liquid,
What’s hidden is its spirit.
And when the soul is addicted,
It craves for more and more.

For heaven’s sake my heart,
Understand, understand
Love’s not meant for all.
Sometimes, somewhere, it may be that you fall
And cry out for help and reach
But remember,
Love’s not meant for beasts,
Love’s not meant for beasts….”

Gagan Preet Singh

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