Out On a Midnight Stroll

Posted: June 14, 2012 by sarupbanskota in Writes...

Creepy avenues,

Lined by creaking trees,

Swooping down-

Make you jump outta your skin

A rustle here,

A crackle there,

You know you’re not wanted!

Yet you go ahead…

A single yellow lamp lights thy way,

Thou can hear nothing,

but thy footsteps

Your heart beats faster,

You can feel it thumping

Your delicate skin

Yet you go ahead…

You see shadows lurking up your heels,

You wonder who that could be,

You muster up courage…

A sudden gust of wind,

Spooky black images do a jig against a wall-

the shadows perform a masquerade!

Your heart in your mouth,

Yet you go ahead…

Cz you’re “Out On A Midnight Stroll”!

Veda Vyass

Amrita University

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