On versatility

Posted: June 15, 2012 by sarupbanskota in Writes...

Versatility is the core essence of happiness and surprise. People, personalities, characters differ from time to time and place to place. It is not merely a chemical formula v1 n1 = v2 n2 or a math theorem like Stoke’s to follow a set rigid pattern.

The real pleasure of the heart is unlocked when we meet personalities of different types. But it is my foremost duty to warn u that there are some pricking thorns among the blossoming roses. People of today’ fashions are losing the true ability of identifying the goodness in people or maybe due to the attitude of “whatever”.

Often we do fall into devil’ trap and taste the unpleasant venom. The reason being damn simple. People are not always the same. Every person on this earth has his own ground and his own rules. It is simply that our mind weighs every person by one’ bad actions and for some damn crooked reason not the good ones. Expecting a person to be perfect is not what one has to learn, but accepting one’ deeds and seasoning ourselves to rugged conditions, so that the word ‘perfect’ becomes meaningless. Starting to realize reality is always the wiser path for us to choose and walk.

Lakshmi Priyanka Selvaraj

Amrita University.

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