A Melodramatic First Year

Posted: June 22, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

I remember when I was a small kid, I used to wish I skip school and go to college directly. I watched my cousin step into college and I wished I join him too. Then I watched my own brother get into college and I longed to go too. So desperate I was to get into college. The reason was not because my school life was dull and boring, which was so not true, I did have a splendid life at school but I thought college will be even more fun because I would have turned 18, My friends would have turned 18, limited restrictions and a carefree life. It was then a utopian dream. 

The hunt for colleges begun, indirectly, when I started my 12th boards. It continued for another month or two and finally it was decided, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. On checking out the images and later the college itself, I thought, alright cool college.

My first year begun unofficially on July 30th and officially on the third of August. It was not a great beginning. Like everyone I was homesick and kinda raped by the shit rules in the hostel. I was kind of lucky to have had some company from my school. Classes were pretty boring and dry. I was dozing off in every damn period and every time I would think if I used to do the same at school. Then I realized that I had perfect company at school, set of friends to have fun with which never made me sleep in school.

By the end of my first month I did find myself friends but it was not that welcoming. Entering into the second month, I made more friends and I started feeling at ease. My homesickness completely went off as I found proper company, yet classes were still boring and irritating. The most fun part would definitely be the hostel life. Group of people gathering in a room and bragging for 2 or 3 hours with eatables and all that, it definitely was fun, that too knowing about each one’s past etc.

There were certain topics which were redundant, few of them being , girls, movies etc.Talking was never boring; we came to know about each other more.

Semester II started in the month of January. It was bloody awesome.

Cage football, practice, vetti talks, anokha, bunking classes for anokha, Green-I conference, Krishna hut, Aleez Dhaba, Boomerang, RHR, City passes, Home passes, Thunderbirds comedy, more vetti talks , fights, patch ups, kalais, birthday bumps, the so called group studies, the renaissance, cage cricket, hand cricket, Sandy dudes, movies, Brookefields, atm walks, the tree outside the hostel, warden mishaps, swimming in the morning, kovai express, cheran express and not to forget the champions league victory…

What a semester it had been! The fun and action packed in one semester and it was indeed awesome.

First year was a combination of fun and annoyance. Semester I was annoying and Semester II proved to be just the opposite.

After a n awesome first year, YB will definitely be missed.

Karthik Margabandu

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

  1. Arpita Nandi says:

    Anokha!!! I sooo mis it! Dear fellow Amritite, enjoy for as long as ur in coll! 🙂 You’ll miss even those rapist rules once ur out! 🙂

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