Drive Me Crazy… Need For Speed …!

Posted: June 25, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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“So this is the clutch, the brake and the accelerator… in order. Those are the indicators.”
I took in each word the bald driving instructor spoke and lended all my eyes and ears completely to him and his speech…He looked worn out in the summer heat. He was barefoot and worked out other pair of brakes and clutch controller on his side. With me on the driving seat and the whole new , New Delhi to be explored all over again felt butterflies in my tummy.

“. . . That is the steering wheel. Grab it.”
“Yeah..Whatever.” I said defiantly.
As if i hadn’t driven a car before. No one including my parents knew that i HAD driven a real car ON ROAD before.
At each lame instruction the bald man, I smiled faintly at him and he rewarded me with a cold look. 
For example,”You need to give a horn at every T-point, at each and every cut over. Okay?”

I didn’t respond 😀

—-A cut over comes—-

I missed blowing the horn
“You missed blowing the horn.”

—-After coming precisely 3 meters away from the point I was supposed to blow the horn—-

I blew the horn xD 😀 3:)

“Why did you blow the horn?”
I didn’t respond smiling wickedly, looking infront and concentrating…

I got bored of him repeating over and over again,”Left indicator, put the knob upwards… Now turn the steering wheel… Press the clutch completely..Start leaving the clutch slowly and steadily… Simultaneously increase the acceleration. . . . BLAH BLAH BLAH”


The thing is I want a new kind of comedy and frolic from every possible activity I do.
So, Purposely i started increasing acceleration and a point came when he wasn’t able to control it and in no time the car was flying.. . 
I lived the moment. Fully completely. It was like getting the ocean in a drop of life…
The cool summer breeze clasped my body, my small eyes became bigger in exuberance and a naughty grin was added to the facial gesture.

I could hear snippets of “What are you doing?!” “Stop!” “Oh god” from the baldy sitting beside me. I ignored it. Maybe it was due to the adrenaline rush i had, The same feeling i get when i am about to win a race in Need For Speed.

It went down.

I meant the energy levels, not the car 😛
I stopped the car.

“Do you need driving lessons?” He looked at me dryly.
I looked at him back. He looked exhausted and his brownish complexion was a perfect match to the yellow tones of the sun.
“I guess we are done for today” I said throwing it in his face.

While getting off the car, I heard him tell my father… 
You daughter… is insanely creative. She doesn’t need lessons sir.

I was widely smiling. This ride could’ve cost me my life..Yet i finished all the laps… in time.
I could visualize myself standing at the finishing line, the widely cheering crowd serenaded my name out loud…

The dream ended. The reason being i got hit in the face with a football 😀

Anushka Anand

  1. krishna says:

    That was worth reading…..beautiful. I felt the excitement.

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