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Just like a million stories around us, some of which we see, some of which we feel and some of which we never care about. From the pages of the diary of my life comes a story which will seem very common to you. I guess am just a common man and yes it was a love story, at least that’s what i call it.

yuk was what i used to call her. coz i never really liked her name, well just another aspect of me [CHOOSY], exactly what she used to call me. Apparently she was my classmate in 11th and 12th std. but i was a SHY person, again as she called me so we never really talked. She was my orkut friend though and we used to exchange scraps, it may sound funny but I even scraped her one day to not take me wrong coz I never talk to her in class, the place i was from was too orthodox, after which she replied its fine with her. 

It apparently began on 9th November 2009,I was in 12th std. now, just after our excursion tour to Mount Abu, on which i was the leader, so you know we had small chats. on that day she called me, i still remember that day, it was Diwali i actually left my no. in her messages and asked her to call as I wanted to exchange pics. I was standing on the roof of my granny’s house helping my grandfather, a wonderful day in my memories.

After that it went from just friends to good friends to close friends to bestest buddies to can’t live without friends, it all so went automatically frankly speaking we never knew how it happened. Apparently after 12th std. we both decided to drop out a year and go to Kota (yes the biggest iit hub), for coaching. our parents didn’t know each other and i opted for IIT-JEE coaching whereas she opted for AIEEE coaching. We both were like 5 kms. from each other, but we preferred talking, coz of different coaching scheduled of ours.Now we were alone in a new city, wanted each other badly. just ti mention we never talked rubbish, though used to flirt sometimes, but most of the times we helped each other with almost everything possible. She even told me that I know her better than her parents,

It was new year’s eve 31st December 2010, around 2 years of our perfect friendship we both partied hard, we both were at our peaks in our institutes things were going just fine, probably the happiest day for both of us. The day i released I just can’t be without her and the day i decided that i will propose her after the end of our exams.

Now the climax, She was complaining me for quite sometime that guy is disturbing her and the same guy proposed her on 25th on jan for the third time and she said YES about which she told me on 29th jan, coz i wasn’t really well during that week, was actually admitted in hospital, she with a lot of fear, a little excitement told it to me, on the day i was very happy coz i was finally back to track on my studies, I was in fact having my dinner at that time, but after that i just couldn’t have my food

What happened next is not very important. I GUESS IT WAS TOO LATE. Though it changed me a lot. They say change is always for the god. I really don’t know if it is, but it taught me a lot of things. Some of the things are still unanswered. Why is it that whenever you are going good or you are just out of trouble, you feel its gonna be alright, life gives you a jerk, a big jerk. I never really liked romantic bollywood movies but after that each abd every moment to me was like it’s just happening to me like that, I guess behind all fiction there is some TRUTH.

So this was me a BIG EMOTIONAL FOOL as my friend call me. I thought I would never get over her, I even wrote a song hoe her. But what my mom tells me, you deserve better, I hope that’s the truth

-signing off
Just another heart broken teen

Archit Khullar

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham


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