Petrol Talks

Posted: June 27, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Petrol , petrol , petrol rises in your prices,
Is a public crisis.
Dear please shed away your anger,
Come down and save us from this danger.
Middle class family we are,
My college is very far.
Academically sound I am,
“One day I’ ll be a star “, says my mam.
Your hype may affect my attendance,
Henceforth , ultimately my performance.
Pie by pie, my father saves money,
For my sister’s marriage , for her dowry.
Without decent dowry it would be impossible to set her well, 
In fact her life would be a living hell.
This is the irony of today,
Not even education could root out this malaise of yesterday.
I get a limited pocket money,
My girlfriend’s name is Emily.
My father is planning to cut down my pocket money,
With that how will I keep happy my honey ?
As I wouldn’t be able to buy her chocolates , ice – cream and make up,
Only and only you Mr. Petrol would be responsible for our break up.
I am begging you , that doesn’t mean you should be on cloud nine,
This is merely the problem of mine.
There are millions in this country struggling,
Come down or else they ‘ ll go for smuggling.
Since a long time I am waiting for your reply,
God give me wings so that I can fly.
Mr. Petrol I have been pleading,
My knees are literally bleeding.
All right you keep yourself mum,
I should sell my bike and keep that sum.
With that I’ll buy a horse or a camel,
What a perfect idea of reducing cost of travel !
Hey ! by that I ‘ ll revive up the old trends,
Are you all with me my dear friends ?

Nabila Khan

Peoples Dental Academy

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