At end that’s what I really learnt…

Posted: June 30, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Beyond the beauty of my dreams 
I walk this deserted street
Lonely all alone 
But surrounded by my empty thoughts

Saw many yet rare strangers passing by
Enchanting their own stories
They made me to hear and I heard
Some remembered and some erased

Met loners ,some lost battles of hope
Some were injured by their own expectations
Among them was sorrow,disgust
But I tasted hope

With time came youth
Blood grew warm,fervour
Red added to my colours
Felt like everything to be in hold

The walk wasn’t easy though
Buds of dreams were yet to flower
Wind shook them fiercly
And optimism about to go down in flames

But soon desires turned into passion
Dreams made me restless
My walk was no more idle 
But curved into journey

With this came new me
Steady and bold one,ripe with experience
No obstacle was big enough
No goal that far

There ladden with my own desperation
I landed up in ending my journey
But when i reached my destination
I found success to be nothing
But just pounds of relations…

Eleza Chakraborty

BP Poddar Institute of Management and Technology

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