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The air grew fiery,

Light glimmered brightly;

All that happened

Made the nature roar.

Loss lingers everywhere

And one day sure to come;

But the pricks in the heart

Even God can’t vanish it.

Rest might the good soul;

Memories may amass;

Still Sadness is a heart’ neighbour,

Who unwillingly stops-by!

Ecstasy is what they observed,

But tears are now making their way,

Life’ naughty game never fails

To drive us frenzy.

Should it be this hard?

Wouldn’t a tonic do?

It heals wounds,

But never soothens the troubled mind.

Soul slumbers now

Corpse has enclosed its ears,

Opening others eyes

And making them wet!!!!



DESCRIPTION: This poem was written on the same day my dad’s  best friend passed away.

1: Nature is cruel only when something that it dislikes happens. so the death is totally unfair.

2: Loss prevails everywhere but the wounds in our heart, even god can’t erase it.

3: The soul rests now, the happy memories will remind us of the past, but now sadness has become our friend.

4: Happiness is what the friends observed but now tears drip down, life always has some new thing to drive us mad.

5: A tonic would heal a wound but never the worries caused.

6: The person is dead and the soul is sleeping peacefully with eyes closed, but making others eyes wet.

Lakshmi Priyanka Selvaraj

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