The Girl In The Mirror

Posted: July 29, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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I met her again,

The girl in the mirror.

She looked at me in the eyes and asked,

Why haven’t I seen her,

For years and years together???

I looked back,

And for a while, I lost all track,

Afterall, what could I say..

that i had just drifted away???

That I had lost myself in the worldly maze,

And after that ’twas all a haze..

The race of life..

The worldly strife..

The deadly game..

’tis all the same..

I was lost,

In my own chain of thoughts,

When back to reality,

By her, i was brought..

And, unaware of my mental torture,

She began pestering me for an answer..

My thinkin process went on and on,

And that was when, the answer I hit upon..

Instantly I knew, why I had felt so forlorn,

And had I left, the girl in the mirror all alone..

Life’s happenings had distracted me,

The scorching sun of adversity,

Had beaten the hell outta me..

But now, I hav found my way,

And have decided to tread it each day..

And to enjoy God’s creations,

Till I reach my destination..

So now I stand to recognize myself once again,

To bring on track, my life’s train..

And now that I have found my way,

I can clearly hear what she says..

The girl in the mirror,

Is none other,

Than my inner voice,

And now that I have made my choice,

I can hear her rejoice..

Ayushi Agrawal

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