When there was a “once upon a time”

Posted: July 30, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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‘Once upon a time’ was a time which existed for me with the dreams of happily-ever- afters with a cloud resting over on my head… guiding me everywhere, but when the sun shined and showed be the fork on the road…

I was struck…  struck by the reality of the sun and by the reality it showed me. The sun I loved, which comforted me with its bold rays that I was daring enough, was a disguise of comfort. I call my relief…. my tears… an excuse to drain away the life, to be numb and forget everything in peace. But they seem to be dead… 

oh how I envy them.

I can’t cry, can’t smile,

memories flash back, questioning me… is it worth it?

They force me to decide, they haunt me and push me to the fork…

The same memories which used to shine proudly from my eyes… 

You are everywhere,

no it’s not right,

I can’t stand on this fork,

take me away!

I scream, in this silence where everyone sleeps in their sweet comfort of darkness… My mask is no more, can’t pretend anymore, didn’t know that honey sweet happiness could taste so bitter here. I finally smile when I remember the once upon a time, the memories in my cocoon where I thought I was a butterfly scaling over the world.

No I can’t decide, take away the fork, 

dissolve into that harsh sun like it could have once upon a time, 

stay like a thought as you were once upon a time, 

don’t be real, don’t come near me, 

let me sleep, please take me back to the ‘once upon a time’…

Prachi Shah

National Law Institute University



  1. shaunakatdalal says:

    Really amazing..!! Loved it..!!

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