Something that just happens

Posted: July 31, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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It was a beautiful Monday morning..
rather it was just another boring Monday morning..
but something beautiful was about to happen..
something special was about to happen..

It was just an intuition..
maybe an expectation..
purely my imagination…
or just a hallucination..

I really dont know..
perhaps the only thing I know..
is that..
I just let it flow..
coz I wanted it to flow..

I saw ‘someone’..
Someone sitting next to me,
Someone simply looking at me..
Someone smiling at me..
I heard the same person,

talking to me continuously..
talking about random stuff foolishly..
he was sayin what I wanted him to say..
n those silly talks kinda made my day..

I looked amazing coz I smiled..
I looked cute when I laughed..
I looked even prettier when I smiled at him,
I looked happier when I looked at him,

We started walking,walking together..
Walking on the beach,hand in hand..
Talking to each other,laughing together,
looking at our footsteps on the wet sand..

All of a sudden..
The Monday morning came to an end..
Though it never even had a beginning..
Probably I didn’t even realize
n hence I jus smiled..

I just got to know it wasn’t true..
but I smiled..
I smiled at myself..
I reminded myself..
Reminded that it might never be true..
still I smiled..

I had enjoyed it totally..
had loved it completely..
I was awake..
yet I was dreaming..
for heaven’s sake..
I asked myself..
what was i doing?

Day dreaming.. a weird habit,
well..actually not even a habit..
its something that just happens..
just like love,
its something that just happens…

Ayushi Agrawal




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