Confused in ♥…

Posted: August 21, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Together but hearts miles apart
It is what I go through…
Not sure of where to go
I am taking these steps
Just to come close to you
is it always gonna be d same
because I cant see it on your face
the things I need to hear
it is tough to go through and still smile
and pretend you never cross my mind

Do u even know…
You are all I think about at night?
And my days are like deserts
Yearning for drops of care
I dont know what am i doin wid my life,
sometimes I feel strong and then dashed to ground,
is it being wid u or the feeling that u r not wid me,
whatever it is… I cant escape…

Yeah I cant breathe

Vaishali Gupta

NIFT Mumbai




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