Given up ALREADY??

Posted: August 31, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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You may own an expensive camera but not be a photographer or have a personal library of your own for that matter but that doesn’t make you an avid reader. Tell me who wrote homer to write or Van Gogh to paint. The answer dwells right in your first effort at anything you proudly taught yourself.

Your interests and your will to learn is your only power. No one can teach you the practicalities of the subject. You can memorize every written word or write an elaborate thesis as far as the technicality is concerned but it’s only in the battleground midst the roaring war cries that will awaken the warrior inside you.

You will never learn anything in the confines of your mental narrowness. You want to draw? find your scape, you want to write? look out for inspiration. It might just be lurking around the corner or perhaps a great story disguised as a fellow passenger.

If you tell me it’s too late for changing your line or bringing those dreams to being. I am guessing that you might either be on your death-bed or a cowardice for have given up so early .The truth is

‘It’s never too late to believe the unbelievable and snatch that possible out of impossible’.

You may slip into a stagnant position regretting the ‘what ifs” in your cubicle at the age of twenty-five or still struggle to learn mandarin at eighty or who knows you become the one who dropped out of college , took creative classes including calligraphy, sleeping on a floor in a friend’s dorm but dreaming about what is now a 108 billion dollar multinational corporation or be a sheer entrepreneurial success who inspired countless dreamers in our own country while his own childhood helplessly passed in supporting his family just after he got through high school.

If you have taken your life for granted and if you think that your tomorrow is promised to you and so are your ten years down the lane then congratulation for locking yourself in a windowless room and gulping down your ‘key to freedom’ but if there is still a slight possibility of an escape then just

Broaden your prospects and not your excuses…

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