Where Am I? …part 2

Posted: August 31, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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continued from part 1 @ http://campuswriting.com/2012/08/10/where-am-i/

Me(zeeshan) socially is very much active but not well organized. Still, I can trust anybody so flatter easily. I was kind of immature personality, doesnt care about my paddles of life or so-called CAREER PLANS! on the edge of completion of his half engineering, am on cloud9 as I had cleared half of my engineering degree with average percentile even got rusted in internals. alright. now, I am free state of mind also the schedules as post-exam vacation is on ride. One day, aabhass Called him for his brother marraige! by the way! aabhass is one of his chaddi buddy and His all time bestie. 

Place : aabhass bro engagement

Gelled hair. over-smelled perfume shower. A Portfolio-type attire especially for the occasion. zeeshan and aabhass met. hugged. talk. laugh.

me(talking to him self after having 360 view of place) : “God! Ultimate hotties!! And I am Still single”.

then, Done with all formalties of indian traditional marraige(greet to bhaiyya-bhabhi, Uncle-aunty,101 rs. ritual, DJ pe dance! All Done!)

me Tired by all. tummy activities land we both in the world of delicious dishes where all in anxiety. I back with this hustling as my plates full. Ohh Sh*t! my plate drain hitting someone. Someone! better call a cute lavish face. is it Love At First Sight with such bad impression. I shifted my gaze to my heroic attire. it wasted with Daal and paneer all over. 

that someone : hell! why u on rush. stupid! you drained my dress..
me : o! Madam! same with me! dont shout on me!
Someone with Same Blaze : you people are not supposed to be allowed in such places. learn some attiquetes and come.
me : Ohh Shut up! 

while at midst, Aabhass approaches up. solved our fight to destary arguments. and show us washroom to cleaned off. 
“be Cool mayne! She is so pretty and cute! start some chit-chat”

me to that Someone : Sorry! its my mistake!!
she replied : we both in this. i have to stay calm.sorry for argument.
then conversation started.
she is doing BCA from some College. I forget coz I just lost in her. how can god make such a beautiful creatures. should she been was made in Spare-time?i gave introduction about me? my Fucked up at college. all engineering stitches. she giggle.i just smile. 
it was a good and formal conversation. but its gonna end. while in conversation, she made excuse for water and she disappeared. Is She an angel seriously or what? And i Dont have Nothing to contact her again As she dont left her number, any address, nothing.except about her and her name “Zoya”. Beautiful as her name.

Syed Khizar

Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology

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