Posted: September 9, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Dark shadows crept in his sleep,
The world around him seemed bleak,
In the hills he stood alone, watching
the world drift into the beyond
it was too soon , he was not ready
To live he wanted to, 
so he turned around and ran

over the hills across the lake ,
into the forests he ran
faster faster he could not halt
for he could feel the prowlers leash at his heart

cursed he thought the night may be
for not even the light from the heavens came to his aid
to live he wanted to,
so he ran as fast as he could

puffing, panting he stopped
he could not move anymore
the life from his chest was fading
to live he wanted to ,but it all seemed too futile

He opened his eyes, to be
blinded by the golden light
squinting in disbelief he could see
a stairway from beyond waited thee

he knew it was meant to be,
he gave up and went up the stairs.

His heart leapt with every step that he took
he felt the top was near
the marble steps gleamed in delight
the end was here.

A tree stood in the courtyard of stone,
the golden gates behind opened wide
“look down son” a voice in his head said
“look down upon the world”

Love he seeked but found none
death, destruction, war and disease
was all that he could see
with shattered faith he closed his eyes
smiled ,turned around and walked away

He did not wish to live anymore…….

Teja Konduri

Ecole des mines de douai



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