Days are passing by…..

Posted: September 9, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

So days are passing by
swishing through making a sound thats a buzz to the ear
I stand here waiting for the same old bus
taking in all the chatter that i hear

its been long now
and the bonda wala is quiet familiar now
the orange juice vendor sells juices with immense pleasure
a thought crosses my mind..they are all soo happy, but how??

then i see this small kid running upto the bonda wala
And the smile on his face shows he is a proud papa
talking to the orange juice vendor
I find he is not scared of even the loudest of thunder
even though he looks feeble with a soul which might be tender

I see a couple standing
college is all that they can keep chatting about
I see a woman selling flower
and the vivid colours shine up the day for evryone who stands near

there comes my bus, packed totally
and I get in lost in the crowd seemlessly
and then suddenly time fast forwards itself
and whooshes past
swishing past making a sound thats a buzz to the ear…

Sudipta Biswas

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