College days and that acquaintance…

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Those were some cherishing days – getting promoted from pampered and lazy child at home to share a room with two unknown faces in an engineering college hostel.

The ill-effect of evening daily soaps in our country –  mother’s will pamper you to the highest possible extent at home and then their desire will be to see their son as a doctor or an engineer mostly – finally when the time comes to lead a hostel life , they will start shedding unlimited volume of tears – “What will you eat there ? How will you stay ? How will you adjust , staying away from home?”

I am mentioning all this because of practical experience – mom cried one full night the day before I headed for my engineering college – I was excited for some different set of reasons though …

New life , new friends , staying away from parents will give me somewhat that  independence I craved for in my school days but leaving my comfortable house bed and parents was a minor disappointment for me .

Anyways , going ahead with the story – rooms were allocated and I was given a room with two guys – Prithvi Banerjee from Siliguri and Sudeep Roy from my hometown –Kolkata. When I entered my Room No : 203 , both of them gave me a stare , later I figured it out for two main reasons – seeing a six foot two inch tall guy with luggage in hand and guitar on the shoulder .

Never knew that one simple wooden guitar will make me a known face in my college and let my initial college days pass by with minor absurd ragging – to be more specific , groups of senior use to come to my hostel room and ask me to play a song for them sometime with a pose of a singer on stage by standing on the bed – well I use to do that happily !!!

Prithvi and Sudeep used to thank me generously for sharing room with them – seniors used to be so engrossed talking to me and listening to my guitar that they barely use to pay minor attention on my roommates.

Reminds me of a funny incident – first week of college there was few restrictions imposed on us by seniors – wearing the full sleeve single color shirts, shoes only with black socks , have to address a senior only my sir/mam .

Set of rules were even more amusing for girls – addressing part to seniors were same, have to go to college in slippers wearing single color salwars and the best part – hair should be neatly combed with coconut oil .

Well , so me and my friend Sudeep entered the college campus from the hostel and we were about to enter the college building that two seniors called us from the back “Hey first year”

Both of us turned around – one boy and a pretty looking senior was standing under a banyan tree just next to the college building – we went in front of them and wished “ Good morning mam , good morning sir “

The boy whose name was Ashutosh asked me “So guitarist , how are you ?”

I said in a polite tone “ I am doing good sir , thank you for asking”

The senior lady – Malini Singh was very pretty , fair , black-brown mix hair, blue eyes , wearing boots with the college skirt which suited her , she asked me “So I heard you play guitar really well , when are you playing for me?”

I replied “Whenever you want”

Ashutosh ‘s attention now turned towards Sudeep – “What’s your name ?”

Sudeep replied with a trembling voice “Sudeep Roy sir”

“Hmm , alright now, propose and convince Malini mam for a date now”

I was astonished , shit !!! Ashutosh assigned a tough task to a wrong person whose life starts and ends with those big fat engineering books – I wish I could help him but helplessly I was standing there with no clue of what will happen next but finally what happened can only be compared to a comic movie scene of Hollywood blockbuster ….

Sudeep was standing there like a bakra with head low , I can feel his nervousness – perhaps before getting final year school results , he was not as nervous as this situation – only thing I thought was – poor Sudeep , you are raped today !!

Ashutosh with a rough voice asked Sudeep again “ Shall I recite and make you understand , common you have just five minutes – ask for a date to Malini mam”

Next was the iconic comic scene –

Sudeep went down on his knees , caught Malini’s left hand with both his hand and said “Didi , I love you”

Only I know , how I controlled my laughter with all possible strengths within me – Ashutosh , Malini both burst out laughing – innocent poor Sudeep was standing with a thought , what just happened ?

I promised him not to share this incident with anyone who haven’t seen it – unfortunately I kept my promise but Ashutosh did not – result was , it spread like virus in college !!!

Ten years down the line when I recall all those incidents – all I think is : a time machine to go back to those days and I am sure Sudeep still laughs now when he recalls his iconic proposal style.

Now lets move to one memorable incident which occurred on the second week of engineering –

First week of hostel life was overcome with no major hurdles be it classes , friends or ragging and in the meanwhile , I figured out that my friend Prithvi was little perverted compared to others but he was sensible when it came to studying.

I remember , I was sitting on my bed with B. L. Theraja Electrical circuit , trying to figure out how OM meter works ?? ( It’s been four years that I have graduated from college but the fact is – I still don’t know clearly how OM meter works ?? – Electrical circuits can actually make your life complicated ) Prithvi was sitting on the bed next to mine – with a smoke in one hand and environmental science notes in his other hand.

Taking the last puff of smoke he asked “Dude , you know this girl Radhika Ghosh?”

Honestly I answered looking at him “No , who is she ?”

He closed environmental science notes , kept it aside and sat in front of me on my bed “Aare dude , I like a girl in my department but she sits on the front row so not able to talk”

Dealing with girls was never my cup of tea these days , very innocently I asked “How come you start liking someone within a week ?”

This annoyed him “You won’t understand”

I tried consoling him “She is your department only so in a few days everyone will come to know each other – Chill now”

He lighted one more cigarette “Hope so , I just need one chance to talk to that girl”

That night while sleeping – unknowingly thought of Radhika Gosh came to my mind – how does she look ? What is so special about her that Prithvi started liking her on the first week of college itself ? Have I seen her in college by any chance ? She must be definitely pretty ….


My college was located in Durgapur which is 400 odd kilometers from Kolkata – you can either travel through national highway else there is good railway connectivity .

Two weeks of college over – weekend arrived and Durgapur station platform was filled with NIT new engineering batch students – gearing up to go home .Everyone energized , excited , anxiously waiting for Black Diamond express to arrive into the station – many already getting calls from their parents in Kolkata to get the train updates – my parents were also coming to receive me and I was sure the story will be same for most of my batch-mates .

Prithvi stayed in Dhanbad which was towards the Bihar border so his route was different .Well so , with a small bag in one hand , iPod playing Pink Floyd at full volume and guitar on my shoulder , I was waiting for the train to arrive.

Few of my batch-mates whom I still didn’t know were staring at me , I could sense that – only guy in college with a guitar – that can always push you into the limelight.

There was a group of three girls , all in Salwar standing just a few feet away from where I was starting for a pretty long time – once I smiled at them gently and all three reverted back to me with a smile.

Anyways , trained arrived and NIT started quite pouring in ; quite obvious there was a massive rush through the narrow twin gates of each compartment.

Those gang of three girls tried getting in along with me – Ladies first is the policy I believe in so made way for them – two got in and one was struggling with the luggage .

In an attempt to hold her heavy bag , I said looking at her “Hold my guitar and get in .. I will get your luggage”

She took the guitar immediately from my shoulder and gesturing with a Thank you mixed with an innocent smile got into the compartment – I followed with two luggages in both my hands.

The train was crowded from before and over that so many college students got in – it became congested. I was standing in front of the girl I helped with the luggage – I opened the ear-lugs and turned off the iPod .

Her face was cute, big eyes and bubbly cheeks , skin color little dark but went well with her hairstyle and light yellow Salwar, height was some were around five and a half feet maybe ( I am pretty bad at guessing the height of others apart from mine)

She said with a smile “Hi “

I gestured back with a smile too “ Hello”

“Thank you for helping me out “

“Perfectly alright , no problem”

I was holding the support rod attached to train celing for support and one hand was on my guitar cover.

Looking at the guitar once , she asked “Nice , you play this ?”

“Yes , just learning by the way which department are you from ?”

“Computer science and you ?”

“I.T “

There was minutes of silence – both of us starting to look at things around us ; I was struggling internally to find some topics to talk about – people sitting were playing cards , few chit chatting , some of them reading a newspaper, noticed some of them dozed off with their head tilting sometime towards left or right , our college students busy chit chatting in groups.

My phone beeped – I took out the cell phone from my pocket and it was a text from Prithvi “Enjoy your stay in Kolkata , my train is at 10 pm”

I replied to the text and bingo – finally I got a topic to talk ; Prithvi is from computer science and so is this lady – I asked “Hey , you are from computer science right ?”

“Yes “

I got excited “Awesome then you need to do me a favor”

“What is it ?”

“There is a friend of mine from your department Prithvi Banerjee , do you know him?”

After thinking for a while she replied “Don’t remember exactly who is he but I think I heard the name during our introductory session last week with the HOD ( head of the department)”

“Ok” I kept quite

She asked now “So what is the favor you were asking about ?”

“Actually Prithvi like a girl from your department , her name is Radhika Ghosh , not sure if you know her so was just checking “

She started laughing which surprised me , followed by a big question mark on my face – she understood looking at my face that I was expecting an answer .She somehow controlled her laugh and said “I get it , I know Radhika , she is a good friend of mine – let me see what I can do about it “

“Thank you so much”

“You are welcome “ I can see on her face , she was desperately trying to control her laughter to come out.

After thinking for a few minutes what to talk next , I recalled shit !!! I didn’t even asked her name so went ahead “Hey, I am sorry but I didn’t ask your name –  Ranojoy”

She came a little closer to me , smiled and said “Hi , I am Radhika Ghosh”

WTF !!!! She started laughing again – people around stared , I was feeling so embarrassed .Oh god !! What blunder have I done  ???? I can’t run away … bad option , wish I got invisible

I felt like one of those MTV Bakra in front of Cyrus Brocha – she was still laughing , like an idiot with stammering tone I said “Look , I mean – was just joking , I mean hope you understand , it was not my intention … I am so sorry”

She stopped again and said “It’s ok Ranojoy , I understand , no big deal”

I was still not convinced – “I am really really sorry”

“Hey chill , it’s perfectly alright”

“Are you sure ?”

She looked up and thought for a moment “I guess yes but still I can completely forgive you if you play a song for me someday with your guitar”

I smiled finally “Deal , I will do that “

The train was entering Bardaman station – many passengers got up from their seats to grab their luggage and again there was even more congestion inside the compartment due to so many movements – this is one of the main junctions before Kolkata where many passengers catch connecting train for Bandel , Hoogly hence the train heading towards Kolkata becomes little empty – good for us , we both got seats to sit .

I looked for Radhika’s other two friends but they were not to be seen – maybe moved to a different compartment – I thought of asking her about them but after the blunder I did , didn’t want to take a second chance.

Rest part of the journey from Bardaman to Howrah was full of discussion on hobbies, our college , future plans of job , music , books , exchanging each others cell phone number – it was nice to strike a discussion with someone who shares few common interest and she was definitely one of them.

While getting down from the train , I apologized again to her – she said “I already told you , play your guitar someday and I will forgive you for this mischief”

Coming out of the platform – scene was even more astonishing compared to Durgapur station – to my estimations – almost everyone’s parents were standing in receiving their young engineer kids coming home for the first time after two weeks of class .

Seeing me , mom hugged me and asked almost every possible question about my health in one breath – me and dad burst out laughing !!

I tried spotting Radhika in the crowd – she was standing with her dad .On walking towards her , she introduced me to her dad – she said to her dad “Papa , you get going , I will come in a moment “

Putting both my hands into my denim’s side-pocket “So , I guess we meet on Monday again back to college ?”

She smiled and said “Well , I add on one more activity for you as a punishment apart from playing guitar for me”

“What is it ?”

“I don’t mind a cup of coffee tomorrow evening somewhere if you are not held up with something”

Whoa !!!! This came unexpected .. Is she asking me out for a date ????

I said with a charming smile “Sure , tomorrow evening will be perfect , I will call you in afternoon”

“Alright Mr. Guitarist , I will wait for your call”

She started walking towards her dad who was waiting some distance away for her daughter and in few moments, she got lost among those thousand unknown’s in the over-crowded subway of the station.

Ayaan Basu




  1. Annie Dutta says:

    hey Ayaan…great one loved it so much… took me back to my college and hostel days……all drama and gossips……keep it up….love to see more from you……cheers

  2. Ayaan Basu says:

    Thanks a lot Annie , I am glad you liked it ….. happy reading !!!!

  3. Soura says:

    Bro …I liked it..its good. Actualy very good.

  4. Good one, brought back some memories 🙂

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