In rememberence… A Wednesday

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In the rememberence of the spirit which united the nation on A Wednesday…

roi thi wo aankhen,
jinki koi pehchaan na thi,
roe the wo dil,
jinke koi juban na thi,
roya tha har sapna,
jo ek pal mein tut gaya,
pr jee utha wo jasba,
jo kahin tha kho gaya…


26/11/2008 a wednesday.. a day that changed our lives forever.. which after long time of  “maratha manush” politics brought back whole country together. an attack not just on our soverignity but on our lives, our belives, our values… which made us realise “hey, the one died was one among us… one of ours..” deep within us we found ourselves connected, we discovered ourselves united, we cried for the loses of those whom we never met, whom we didn’t even knew.. the victims had no face.. because somehow every reflection in the mirror was the face of victim.. stories are told of that day… how ordinary man rose to be heronot just the forces who hunted those terrorists down… or the big faces we remember today.. karkare, kamte, salaskarbut there were heroes.. the unsung heroes… Vishnu Dattaram Zende the railway announcer of CST.. who held his position guiding the public on plateform to safe exits.. when CST was under attack… and his booth was under fire.. he held his position… or Karambir Kang general manager of Taj who beared the loss of his whole family in attacks at hotel was directing guests to the safety.. on the face of such personal tragedy a man stood up came forward did something which was beyond the call of duty… they did it for the voice within them…the call of humanity, spirit of brotherhood, and great courage…the triumph we saw on 29th nov after 3 days.. was not gifted to us by some few… but by whole mumbai with its true spirit.. and because they believed in hero within themselves… fire fighters who without any safety equipments were doing there duty… hotel staffs who changed the meaning of hospitality forever.. doctors who worked around the clock as wounded keep coming in.. in true sense it was never an attack by some fanatics against the nation… it was not attack by Pakistan on India.. it was definitely not the fight between good and evil… it was a test of spirit… it was test of our values… our believes… and we stood up to it… no matter how busy our lives are… or how isolated we feel… at the moment of distress we know we can count on person standing beside us.. we know if we fall the one behind us will get hold on us… and living with this trust.. is only living life in true sense… if u feel the pain of those who u never knew… if u can cry for their sufferings… if u feel united to the society you are part of… if u feel ur heart beating for a cause..  if u believe in hero within you… then yes.. you are living…… LOVE&LIFE

a salute to the spirit who sacrificed there lives just for the believe which they stand for

aao jhuk kr salaam kren unhe,
jinke hisse mein ye mukaam aata hai,
kiskadar khushnasib hain wo log,
khun jinka watan k kaam aata hai….


Shubham Kesharvani

National law institute university

in collaboration with Aadrika; Media & Management, NLIU Bhopal

  1. suvir sharma says:

    jai wednesday………………! hoo hoo

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