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I hailed a ferry one night that took me,
Little miles apart from my city, away a few miles,
Now, only an expanse of wide sea can I see,
And the lights of the dock shine from as far as stars.

Those acrimonious squabbles sound, to my changed ears, ceremonious,
And that cozy room calls me back to its largeness,
The solitary elm tree in this town seems victorious,
Whereas my hothouse money plant has its leaves folded in sadness.

My bare new walls are dressed with pictures of many an old memory,
A kaleidoscope of vivid old incidents plays a film in mind,
My strange salad tastes like familiar old ‘fruit and celery’,
And I perceive as cruel even those looks passed so kind.

In the dying of twilight, I feel alive,
And I respire in the musk of cooing crepuscular life,
Reveling in invisibility and retreat, why do I even strive…
For prominence and renown, when divine privacy would totally suffice?

With a pining heart, I look forward to each night,
When I can be back in my cocooned school and family, in dreams,
Where things can be taken for granted and I can fight,
To the doomsday, knowing we’ll be friends even after the welter of
childish screams.

Nandini Sahay

NIFT Bangalore

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