Brief About My Fav. Ritchie Malik

Posted: September 21, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Ritchie, as my cell phone screen blinks with her name flashing all over it, I can feel a breeze of positive energy surrounding me. Ritchie, is that breeze of positivity which transpires around those who are her good friends and family members. A happy go lucky girl, with all her smiles in place. She believes on the wide spread theorem of optimism, “Na tension lene ka, Na dene ka” (Stay happy, neither give someone any kind of tension, nor get worried for things).

Her behaviour varies with kind of people she dwells with. A perfect balance between her personal relations (family) and friends is something at which she strikes with all the ease. Her modest being has inspired me on various occasions to resemble my real self rather being an imposter or dual self. She is an honest friend and you can certainly rely on her. She has the courage to leap out of her comfort zone and make her friends comfortable at times of need. 

Though Cosy with reliable ones, but too speculative and doubtful for her new friends.  Dishonesty and abuses are a perfect lay off for her. If you want to impress be soft and be decent. A girl who can woo hearts of thousands of men but pessimist enough to even think herself fit for it. Girl who can have men laid down on streets avoid them like a mere piece of a sugar cake by a diabetic person.

A jolly natured girl with etiquettes, describes her in brief. She runs away from people she dislikes. Her relatives are no exceptions to it. Over showing of emotions is certainly not at her part. To some part of her life, she has spent in being a tom boy which has made her stern enough to avoid emotional overflow. Girls have tendency to over speak. She has it too. Girls have to tendency to over show their emotions. She lacks her set of it. If she feels bad something, she starts drawing herself away from the person. Tears play their part when she is hiding herself away from the entire world in a closed room. She tries to hide her emotions even from her own self.  In lieu of hiding and fighting back her emotional streak she suffers from what I will call an emotional imbalance because sometimes she possess mixed feeling about people.

An inert person; though so lively. Her presence could be ignored in a rush of hundreds of people, but her friends always value her existence. She is a saviour at times of need. She keeps her values intact never deterring to the teachings of her parents. In the sigh full thought I believe she was confused with her career decisions for quite a sometime. She avoids taking decisions and leaves them on time. A mentor, a friend, a guide is the need of an hour for her. Dedicated and committed towards any task she undertakes, she can drive her career to wonders if she is guided properly.  Now, as she has decided to prepare for MS, I can see that urge for working hard in her. Though undermines herself from CAT, which is a sheer show of under confidence, she prepare herself for a long battle with many others. A thoughtful advice, it’s a bad world out there. Don’t be good to all. Analyze and decide. Few people don’t deserve us; or rather few people are more deserving.

All I have to say about her, my dear friend Ritchie is an asset for me. She is diligent at work and jolly at home. A happy go lucky, modest girl drives her day to learning and fun with equal balance of love and hate. Your, “I don’t give a damn attitude”, is worth following.  Just give your best and forget the rest, is my advice. For all you do, you have your parents and friends right there to hold you if you fall. Just give it try; we know we won’t need to catch your back as you have the potential to excel. Wish you all the luck with all the very best with all the endeavours you undertake.

Bhaskar H. Narula

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