Posted: September 28, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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Hears the call
Lets them cry
See the sight
Shut my eye

Wish to say
Find no word
Listens the silence
Everything unheard

Learns to walkover
Always step aside
Wants to be there
Obstructed by pride

Knows the truth
Still ask questions
Face the fact
Change perception

No search and chase
Learns to find
When gets answers
Loses own mind

Lost in crowd
Swept by wave
Wants to emerge
Out of the grave

Walks in dark
Course unknown
Trace the path
Navigates alone

Want to live free
Fight no war
Why can’t i be 

Aparajita Singh


  1. Vidushi says:

    Sure one should b his own star..until you respect urself nobody else is going to bother about you..People see you as you present yourself before them.. A thoughtful write! Great work!

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