Fluctuating love

Posted: September 29, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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Everyday when my electronic heart beeps;
Before clicking “read”,
I prefer tossing a coin,
To have an inkling of

what my love would bring me today.

After reading those deciding words;
I remind my eyes,
Of those intoxicating days,
When love was at its peak.
Reminiscence of our togetherness,
When we had three hands and,
One soul;
Soothes my wounded tears.

Sometimes my luck favors my love;
When I am missed,
Desired to be loved forever.
Those graphical yet so warm
hugs, hallucinating voice,
That one enticing call just for
saying, “I love you!”;
Pulls me from within.
Sends me back to the place,
With open arms and smile,
Where once I wept.

Doesn’t want me to love him,
And never allows me to leave.
I am addicted to his game of love,
Where I always play to lose…

Ms.V U


TOPIC: It will heal with time; Maybe

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