Lessons from a student…

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Well, college life is all about freedom anticipation of future and a feeling that “yes I have graduated from school literally.”And for me I learnt this most important lesson as a student and later as a teacher also. When I first entered the classroom I noticed one particularly shy and meek student sitting at the back of the classroom obviously trying to avoid any kind of attention from all and most of all the formidable teachers. ( Every Teacher is formidable and scary for just out of school students, Isn’t it?) I did notice her but went on with formal introductions as usual and tried to break the ice, succeeded with most except that one student.

The days passed by and students at first made fun of the way she dressed, talked or sat. Later on they started ignoring her. I saw her eating her meals all alone. I could see that where as college was fun for others it was an unimaginable ordeal for her. I wanted to help but was clue less about how to bring her out of her shell. she intrigued me and others advised me to mind my own business .Ironical as A teacher Was I just supposed to teach and forget all other things? But this is what I did thinking that if she wanted to discuss she will come on her own as I did not know How to breach this subject. One day while passing through the one of the classrooms I found that child sitting alone and staring in space. i could not stop myself and went to her but was met with ressistance and silence. I walked away thinking that I tried. Next day I came to know that she had taken ill and would not come to college for few days which was unusual for her as she was the most regular student of my class. When she came back she was even quieter. This time when I asked her she told me the most touching story. She had suffered a traumatic childhood. Her mother had died at a young age and she was supposed to take care of household chores at this age and had no friends to s hare her woes with and father had no time for her. her grades suffered, she was constantly living under shadow of her smart, pretty cousins, classmates and was a source of embarrassment for her father, who avoided her further. She had even attempted suicide twice and was suffering from depression. My heart went out to that child. After listening to her I learned the most important lessons of my life. 

1) Why are we so stringent when showing love and compassion whereas we display anger so very easily. WE CAN AT LEAST GREET EVERYONE WITH A SMILE EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN BAGGAGES.

2)I used to complain about so many little things in life when I had plenty to be grateful about , I had a loving family and group of trusted friends who would stand by me any time.

That student taught me more than I had taught her as a Teacher. Today after regaining her self confidence and faith she works for a prestigious firm and is leading a successful life.

Mona Vyas

TOPIC: What I learnt in those 5 Mins

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