A ray of hope!!

Posted: September 30, 2012 by Ankur in Contest
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Thoughts are wandering too far off ends,
Confused became life in a couple of seconds.
Differentiation between the real and fake 
was becoming difficult to make.

Reading minds is not in your hands,
Except that someone gave you a magic wand.
Is the confusion just in the head?
Or is the relationship actually coming to an end.

A different approach should be tried this time
So that you can say ”the game is going to be mine”.
Not to worry, not to fear,
As a stable life should be dearer.

With a witty brain the battle should be fought,
With the lesson that has just been taught.
You will be the winner be assured
As true efforts are never ignored !!

Nirali Merchant

K.J.Somaiya College of Engineering

TOPIC: It will heal with time; Maybe

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