Adagio (Death, in slow time)

Posted: September 30, 2012 by Ankur in Contest
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I frantically cling on to your trembling hands.
Sticky from sweat and tears, they begin to slip away.
Misty eyes meet, and you look at me, all too knowingly.
“No… No. I won’t let go,” I tearfully promise you.

“I WON’T LET YOU GO!” I call out, in mad, hopeless desperation.
But as soon as the words are uttered,
Shrill echoes of broken promises mock me,
And your tenebrous shadow diminishes.

You spiral downwards into the endless abyss.
The Dark Angel ruthlessly snatches a myriad of dreams,
And smothers you into nothingness.
You vanish behind the curtain of death.

Seething at the injustice, the apoplectic sky cracks open,
And a shower of rain foolishly challenges hellfire.
A cloudburst of cataclysm lashes down.
Wisps of smoke veil your limp body as they carry you to the empyrean.

What is this pathos?!
Where are you?
Wrap your arms around me, why won’t you?!
I inadvertently swallow fumes and inhale the waters of Lethe.

A strange void.
Why am I in tears?
Emptiness engulfs me whole.
How am I breathing even while I am drowning?

Namya R

Amrita School of Engineering

TOPIC: It will heal with time; Maybe


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